He is always annoying me with his complaints.


I told Carlo I'd help him.


Nobody tried to help me.

I believe you have my umbrella.

He took his own medicine.


Listen, Lisa, will you just stop shoving me around?

How is it at school?

She lost no time in reading a best-selling novel.


I drove Herbert's Prius once.

Has the body not been recovered yet?

The nurse is dressed in white.

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It's still true today.


Rayan needs proper medical attention.

I had a neighbor who was blind.

Don't mention that to Sedat.

My neighbor's dog won't eat dry dog food.

In time, all these minor problems will be resolved.

That's actually perfect.

My father fixed the broken chair.

Which road should I take?

One has met his match.

Jon is hiding in the closet.

How's Omar this morning?

My boyfriend plans to save up and buy a sports car.

Would you ask him to join us?

Eli is in more trouble than I thought.

How long has it been since you've had a girlfriend?

It took a long, long time.

There is nothing exciting about the special forces. You just learn how to suffer and there is nothing good in that.


Would you tell us about your guitar?

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Most seagulls are carnivorous.

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Amos knows I'm right.

Laika orbited Earth for seven days.

Guy abandoned his plan to build a factory.

You can't ask for the impossible.

We'll have to tell Meeks eventually.


After the main dish comes the dessert.


Read it. I recall, you protested quite virtuously the fact that the lojbanologists had discussions in English.

Claudia probably doesn't know why the picnic was canceled.

This adaptation by a popular writer has given a new life to this classic.

He painted his bicycle red.

I'm not going to take it anymore!

How dare you say such things about me?

Juha doesn't live in Boston yet.

I hadn't noticed.

Toerless is said to have been a great singer in her youth.

Don't forget to clean your room.

I have nothing to give Matthias.

I heard that one way to stay healthy is to avoid eating any food with unpronounceable ingredients.

That wasn't funny.

You can see from his chin that takes after his father.

We weren't invited.

Almost three.

An American company based in Colorado recently demonstrated a new method by which it will be possible to recycle and speed up old computers, in effect transforming them into current machines.


Don't ride that horse. He'll throw you.

Let's not forget to do that.

You are the devil incarnate.

Would you please wait for a minute?

Gunter has been to your place before, hasn't he?

Please go around to the side of the house.

Peter's cottage is very big.

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The ambulance broke down in the middle of the busy avenue.

I wasn't born knowing.

It's all so senseless.

The disco is empty.

He cleaned his room on Sunday.

Dan called for a tow truck.

It's just an empty box.

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He wants to learn to swim.

Betty never said a word.

I'm taking it slow right now.

The boss picked me to do the job.

Are you marrying him for his money?

Strictly speaking, the bamboo is a kind of grass.

The artifact discovered at the archaeological site should be treated with utmost care.

When did you stop smoking?

You'll go to school tomorrow.

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I've been drinking too much coffee.

Lindsay did what he had been told to do.

Pretend you've won.

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I think it's too late.

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The rocket ought to have reached the moon by now.

I don't know who sings this song.

Giles is inflexible, isn't he?

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Could you leave me one?

The ship came in sight.

I don't want to see this either.


What would the prince like?

Robin likes strange sports.

There is no God, unless you invent Him.

Raif is manipulative.

Srinivasan thinks he knows where Sundar went.

Maternal love is greater than anything else.

The blame rests with the cook.

Karen isn't like the other girls in the class.

I want to take him home.

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I'm not ashamed of what we did.


I think that he's right.


I'm trying to solve the problem.


Death comes equally to us all, and makes us all equal when it comes.

What a woman!

Tran put you up to this, didn't he?


I don't know what time it is.


Let me just clarify that.

I have never been to Nikko.

It feels pretty unfair.

The baby was crawling on all fours.

I've never seen such a wonderful sunset.

The river flows southwest to the sea.

The quick brown fox didn't jump over the lazy dog.

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She was a Brown before her marriage.

If you want to go to the art museum, take this bus.

Are you certain that you lost your book, or did you merely misplace it?

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Is that really a road we want to go down?

Only they know what they are saying.

You've wasted enough of my time already.

Naren can't play the guitar.

As soon as the land of any country has all become private property, the landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed, and demand a rent even for its natural produce.


Thanks to my classmates, who helped me during hard times!

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The trees comforted me.


I didn't feel like scolding her for being late.

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I'm listening to a beautiful song.


I've got one just like that.

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Many of the inhabitants of this region are sailors.

Urs got plenty of help.

Slartibartfast went back to Boston in order to be with Fred.

I ask myself if I'll be married some day.

It's Vijay's flashlight.

I'm still going to do it, no matter how much it bothers you.

What are you hiding?

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Shirley is on his own now.

She dwelled on the matter for a long time.

He is still green in business.

When was the last time you read this magazine?

There's something about Kenton.


There are 16 characters named Ralph in this novel.


The idea of entering a sauna wearing clothes is unthinkable.

The naive man blushed with shame.

Beverly happened to meet Kemal at the supermarket.

Clem drove Kari to work yesterday.

Did we wake you up?

I didn't see anything strange.

He has a lot of confidence.


What was Roxie doing in there?


You never had a chance.


I agree with your opinion.

Floria is divorcing Francois.

Maurice says that Nou is innocent.


I saw you in my dream.

I'm getting little pimples on my face. I wonder if I've been getting enough sleep lately.

That doesn't do us any good, does it?


My mother prefers the arbitrary selection of the lottery machines over my lucky numbers.

We'll pray for them.

You must try to avoid hurting people's feelings.

Why were you so busy yesterday?

Blayne won't be coming to our party.


Take the top and you will have the middle.