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Tell Brandy I'm hungry.

Hal assured Vassos that he'd help her paint the ceiling of her kitchen.

You are late this morning.

This was my mistake.

I don't like to laugh.

I'd like you to answer my question.

This dictionary is every bit as good as that one.


Follow that car!

Jiri said he didn't think Jackye could speak French.

Do you have a crush on my brother?

He's from the U.S.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

I wonder if Byron is going to Boston next week.

I regard the contract as having been broken.

Adam said he wouldn't be gone long.

Raanan reached for his salt shaker.

Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Vivek.

That was important.

Why do you want to talk to him?

Do you see that man over there?


I have something to ask her.

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Are you a teacher or a student?

The advantage of freelancing is that you can divide your time freely. The disadvantage is that you actually have to work around the clock.

With the sun shining bright, we should go for a swim.

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I don't know who started the fire.

It will kill two birds with one stone.

Noemi applauded loudly.


I'm not defending him!

Talking of Mr Ito, what has become of his son?

These shirts are identical.

The oldest son succeeded in doubling his inheritance.

This isn't a useful expression.

We have a special connection.

I'm going to tell him.

They drove a tunnel through the hill.

I've eaten a great deal of food this week.

But it's good to use the word "je" as rarely as possible.

He is delighted at your success.

If you hit a patch of fog, slow down and put your blinkers on.

She directed her efforts at learning to speak English.


It is good to keep studying all your life.

Patricia is a reasonable person.

I'm sorry, I have to respond to the messages.


Gil poured Andre some more wine.

That which for mathematicians is illogical is entirely normal for musicians: seven plus seven is thirteen.

I wasn't even conscious of it.

Which shelf is it on?

I told you this wasn't a good idea.

Sergio plays bass guitar in our band.

When I was twenty two years old, I was the master of the breast stroke.

I am hungry right now.

I hope Blaine is well.

Thad bought a hat for Tai.

His shame prevented him from doing that.

I got him to do that for me.

I used to play with my sister in the park.


This will let us quickly double the number of sentences.


What do his words imply?

Nothing is as close to stupidity as the mind without reason.

No one expected him to be a candidate again.


How to track the least visited pages and what to do with them?


He has a car which I gave to him.

Ima isn't able to always brush his teeth after meals.

Do you play any sports?

You're not fired.

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.


You should practice English with a friend or classmate. Maybe you could join an Internet forum or a language club.

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I thought we'd ask Archie a few questions.

After the revolution, France became a republic.

She adores her elder brother.


I'll race you to the car!


Who's your favorite bluegrass musician?

Tuna still remembers you.

Do you want to meet them?


Please turn off the light before you go to sleep.

I suppose you want to ask Theo some questions.

Don't cry like a child!

If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on between-meal snacks.

I made my dog lie down.

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Each person who learns Esperanto contributes to the success of this language.

Turn your papers in.

Surya said Ravindran was safe.

He attributed the accident to the bad weather.

The child is in the care of his aunt.


I need something for a child.

If you live at a higher altitude, water boils at a lower temperature.

I'm cross-eyed.

He is reading a book in his room.

Charles is the best singer in our class.

He had bought a dog.

Takao isn't very helpful.

It's likely to rain tomorrow.

The baseball match will come off next week.

Please shave my beard.

You will have to practice a bit more if you want them to accept you in that college of dance.

"You don't really love me at all. You only care about your math stuff!" "Not at all, I do love you!" "Prove it!" "Okay. Let A be the set of the objects I love..."

Juliane knew you'd try to talk him out of going.

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My grandfather doesn't drive anymore.

Could someone hand me a knife?

You are my friend.

He is preparing for the Olympic Games this year.

When I met the President, all my dreams came true.

Stuart is a bit small for her age.

Perhaps you misunderstood.


I think this dictionary will be of great help to me.


What could it be?

He runs off to the lab every half hour.

It's unclear if they love each other or not.

We have run short of food.

The service charge is extra.


He didn't open his mouth to protest.

Dalton thinks I was in Boston last week.

I was having dinner with Jurevis.

During these years he wrote immortal poems.

I'm going to bed. Good night.


She had no one to turn to.


We didn't help her escape.

I asked him to open the door, but he would not do so.

Thad said he'd be able to help us.

I snuck into his room and tied him down.

You may have to wait.

I ended up saying something stupid.

He learns Chinese too.

I just wanted to hear Soohong's voice.

Can I eat this orange?


I'm used to hearing sirens.


That's just how she is.

I can no longer fulfill my obligations.

He likes to eat raw carrots.


The reason for my absence is that I was ill.

Jakob needs some elbow room.

Rajendra is one of the busiest guys I know.

They mistook my politeness for friendship.

That's unrealistic.

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Algeria is called "Al-Jazair" in Arabic.


I have a message from her.

I get jealous when he talks to other girls.

Kent has never been to a French-speaking country.

Why are you getting upset?

She had a very volatile relationship with her sister.

Do you have a lot of things to do today?

You are under arrest.

This must've belonged to Cristina.

America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves, if our children should live to see the next century, if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?


Every person has a right to defend themselves.

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Inflation is down.

Dan came home very drunk.

Don't wash that shirt.


Are you done with the paper?


We tried to figure out the problem our professor had given us, but it seemed confusing.

Such inconveniences can always happen.

Morris is an honest boy, so he doesn't tell lies.

I don't really recall.

We have our evening meal at 9 here.

You need to fill out these forms.

Esperanto belongs to everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that.

He amused the children by singing.

What is her profession?

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She asked me to continue writing to your father.

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I just don't know if I'm good enough.

The government rationed meat during the war.

I've been concerned about her.

The driver is deeply attached to his old car.

Fred had no idea why Jarl wanted to see him.