He regretted having quit his job.

Our office is on the northern side of the building.

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I want you to lie down.


Who succeeded?

Dawson wanted to take a nap before dinner.

Today we are going to show you something of our country and introduce you to some very interesting people.

Does Tommy think that I should go talk to Lana?

Isn't it time for you to leave?


Amedeo doesn't eat as much as Mari.

He had no sooner heard the news than he began to cry.

The doctor thinks carefully before deciding what medicine to give.

Luc's mother is a housewife.

Did Jeanne ever tell you why he was late?

Hand over your firearms.

You know we can't do it.


At the moment the patient is out of danger.

What Sehyo said made you angry, didn't it?

Tiger lillies bloomed in the garden.


Who did you visit yesterday afternoon?


This steak is too tough.

He's a little slow on the uptake.

My TV has broken down.

I'm talking to him.

I play both the trumpet and the piano.

Pratap is unimaginative, isn't he?

Did you get any rest?

Dwayne already has plans for this weekend.

Were you and Steven together for a long time?

Why aren't you asking me?

Why don't I go with you?

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Stop beating yourself up.

Sharon wished he hadn't promised Brett he'd go to Boston with her.

She poured her heart out.


I can't talk to him.

Could you explain that to me?

Everybody in the village knew him.

I can't wait that long.

Celeste is having a rest.

My teacher wrote a recommendation for me.

I don't like him because he loses his temper easily.

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He will telephone you immediately when he comes back.

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If it had not been for the accident, we would have been in time.

You're in third grade, right?

Have you finished that book yet?

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Police described the killer's eyes as the coldest they'd ever seen.


We elected Eddie chairperson.

We found a copy of Joe's will.

What did you tell Valentin about us?

I have to replace the radio's battery.

Wind energy has been used to some extent in many countries.


She needs to change her outfit before the party this evening.


I went to sleep about 10 o'clock.

Sunil isn't paying any attention to me.

How could you not love Rodent?

That sea is called the Mediterranean Sea.

I want to fight.

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Avery can't help it.

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The obsequious waiter is usually assigned the best table because he always curries favor with his manager and superiors.

What is all this rumpus about?

I can sell it to him.

Where was this book published?

I call the boy and he comes.

I didn't tell them to come.

In former days people walked from Edo to Kyoto.

I owe Honzo thirty dollars.

I was just saying how happy you two must be.

How will you be paying for that?

Your argument is unfounded.

Please tell me how to get to the post office from here.

The recipe serves six people.

You're always in my heart.

It's an important source of income for him.

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The matres lectionis assist us in reading the words.


You can always come here.


I think that would be very unwise.

What's going on today?

I had a drink with Nicholas the other day.

My dream came true.

Soles of the feet are insensitive to heat and cold.

All guests have gone.

Frankly, I don't like it.

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Have you tried turning it on?


You may go out as long as you came back soon.

Never did I dream of meeting you here.

The sun's glare is strong today.

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That's how I grew up.

Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

Hiroyuki always seems to be very busy and doesn't seem to have much free time.

70% of English people don't speak a second language.

Beth is unqualified for such a responsible post.

Those burly books were really expensive.

I have the honor of working with Robert.

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Can you teach me to play chess?

Have you ever tried using it?

Pick a card, write your name on it and put it back in the deck.

The music doesn't appeal to us any longer.

I consider myself lucky.

I found out why my computer keeps crashing.

I wish I could explain it.

Shel gave us everything he had.

A man who does not want to be noticed soon does nothing remarkable. The terrible will for self-abandonment keeps the self from ever emerging.

The last thing Liz needs is someone else stalking him.

Tad was the one who thought that we should take a break.

Jones doesn't want to be a lawyer.

Let me say a few words by way of apology.

Don't believe him. He's just talking to hear himself talk.

He had to go without food for days.

I often drink tea.

Cyrus asked me how to get to the post office.

I haven't done you any favors.

"Finish doing your homework before you go out to play", Naoto's mother told him.

He chose to live in Tokyo instead of Osaka.

Although Shirley is a lapsed Catholic, and Stefan no longer believes in God, they invited the missionaries in and gave them each a glass of water.

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Anything else (to order)?

I asked them to describe it.

I lost the thread of his argument.


It wasn't like that.


When you come back, I'll be gone.

The priest blessed the marriage of the two.

You're a good actress.

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He's got an uncle who works in a bank.

I'm going as fast as I can.

Vern cleaned the garage all by himself.

The Qutub Minar and Red Fort are in Delhi.

Give up on this one. You're wasting your time.

Sandy recently had surgery.

It's already started.

It's your problem, not mine.

Terri's priorities are different.

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The treatment's acceptability plummeted by nearly 96% that year after researchers discovered disfiguring side effects.

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What made you so sure?

I'm afraid I can't save you this time.

I used to be able to see the garden from this window.

What a beautiful photo! It seems like a painting.

I'm going to take a look.


Are you going to leave Boston?

His ideas were in advance of his times.

Police are seeking witnesses to a road rage incident at the weekend, in which a man had his windscreen smashed by a woman wielding a baseball bat.

I wouldn't have waited.

The cabinet asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.

He wants meat.

Call the doctor.

Ji has done well.

Marilyn Monroe's success did not make her happy.


I went to the airport to see them off.

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Let's pitch the tent while it's still light.

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What are you trying to figure out?


Ofer can't see you.

She knew her reaction had been stupid.

We all have passed the test.

He's enamored of the idea of becoming a rock star.

The true art of acting is to conceal from the audience that which is part of the role and that which comes from you personally.

Ann is a cheerleader.

This investment is not for the risk-averse.


He grew up in Australia.

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We got used to late-hour work.

I'll personally guarantee your safety.

It feels pretty good.


I have to find out what happened to Jorge.

I'm going to lay aside that money for emergencies.

I hate rainy days.


He asked me who had painted the picture.