The other night I was extremely on time!

Suwandi arrived a little after 2:30.

This is a hard job.


Eva knew why Dalton didn't like him.

There is nothing more shameful than to say what one cannot say for certain.

You and Mahesh used to be friends. What happened?

Merton shouldn't be here.

I'm really starting to hate it here.


No one was quite sure.

One of us could help them.

I learned how to write my name when I was three.

I have trouble falling asleep because I always have a lot on my mind.

I heard something new today.

Many stores offer discounts in the month of August.

I think I'll shave my head.

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I'm suffering from anal itching.

My leg's gone to sleep, so whatever you do, don't touch my leg now.

Dan found himself in love with Linda.

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Next spring I want to graduate.


I'll see him tomorrow night.


He likes the most beautiful flower.

Toft asked for a raise in pay.

He is absorbed in scientific work.

Karl was really sick.

Panacea remains obstinate.

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Who did you and Audrey work for?


King, I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you.

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I don't really like the way Mr. Jackson teaches.

Don't talk to me like I'm a child.

I'd like to help, but I've got a plane to catch.

Ah! Snow!

You can take today off.

I tell it like it is.

That man is just a bigot.

Can't you see why we're suspicious?

I've already considered that plan.


Real suggested that we not watch that movie.


Magnus was trying to be helpful to you.

They are constantly trying to outdo each other.

Although in common usage, this word is frequently mispronounced.

Everything is all right at present.

Blaine loves the banjo.


Cris changed his mind after thinking over the matter for a long time.


I'm engaged to Ellen.

Why are you guys so angry?

I forgot to lock the front door.

Let not the king say so!

Write me an email if you feel like it.

I forgot to wind my watch up, so it stopped.

Has Sandip given the go-ahead?

You need to sit.

Which house did you live in?

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They should have the right to decide for themselves.

Pascal is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.

Raghu didn't wake up early this morning.

Primitive calculating machines existed long before computers were developed.

Ofer and Shuvra weren't at home yesterday evening.


Ramesh is likely to be chosen.

What's the minimum salary in Romania?

Steven climbed up so high that we couldn't see him.

I had to let him win.

Antonio needed some money, so I offered to give him some.

Galileo wanted to work with mathematics.

I can't make Carlos happy.

He's selling hot dogs to beat the band.

We managed to bring him around to our way of thinking.

He is an excellent piano player. In addition, he is a good singer and a very good dancer.

Please don't force me to eat that.


He hasn't come home since he left last week.

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I really opened up a can of worms, didn't I?


You needn't have hurried to the airport.

Nobody could believe what he saw.

Ami is fasting.


You're going to do just fine.

She wrapped her baby in a blanket.

The dogs were happy.

Kazuhiro approached Elizabeth.

You always believe me.


He is subject to fits of anger.


He was married to her sister.

Saiid won't ask for help.

When does the book need to be returned?

The play is over.

Journalistic text is not a literary work.

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I just acquired some land that's contiguous to your farm.


The police questioned him closely.

She is different from how she looks.

Tatoeba: Where we try to be experts in our respective languages and... well, we try.

How will you pay for that?

The reason for unemployment must be sought elsewhere.


Becky loved teaching French.

William doesn't do much, does he?

He's the pigeon.

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Where's Hachi?

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I found the film romantic.

Spread the news!

Rafael has a hot tub.

I want to know what's behind it.

People living in a big city tend to lack exercise.


I don't know when I need to be there.

I saved Jan's life.

What did she want?


That reminds me of Matthieu.

On many occasions I do not agree with him.

Yesterday I put the gifts in the attic, today I put them under the bed and tomorrow I'll throw them out the window.

I thought I told you about it.

Dave shot himself in the head last night.


Ssi wasn't a nice man.

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The figure will be astronomical.

Law III: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.

Ramneek and I ate lunch together.

Have you packed your bag?

It's a strange story, but every word of it is true.

A technician will come to your house the day after tomorrow.

I made The leave his suitcase behind.


Are you ready to start working?

Arlene quietly tiptoed out of the room.

Johann is eager to help Rabin out.

I can get you there.

This artist is soon to be famous like Yamagata.

I told you you could do it.

They became sick one after another.

Don't talk about me while I'm gone.

If you want to sound more like a native speaker of American English, watch more American TV programs and fewer British TV programs.

I will meet him at the bus stop.

You have to be joking.

The thing I hate most about him is that he boasts of having had good grades in school despite not studying.

Wendell doesn't know you were helping me.


I've heard this joke before.


He said nothing to the contrary.

I think Deb won't fail the examination.

I am not Melissa.

I don't like the traffic.

What's your favorite drink in the summer?


Power, wrongly used, defeats the oppressor as well as the oppressed.

You cannot buy friends, you can only make friends.

Kari didn't talk to Pedro, did he?

This is a problem you have to solve by yourself.

You sing a chorus.

He never participates in any reunions.

To my thinking, business is improving.

It is an advantage to be able to use a computer.

He outsmarted me.


Nobody criticizes my country.


I had no idea you didn't like Jianyun.


I've been out in the sun all day.


Barrio hasn't changed very much.


There's nothing like hot, fluffy rice that's just been cooked.

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Boyce was undaunted.

She grabbed him by the hand and took him to the kitchen.

You will do exactly as I say.


I'm a snob, and proud of it.

He felt he had done his duty.

Omar is calling her sister names.


Juan sold a pint of his blood for thirteen dollars.

Has prison changed him?

This storm will also pass.