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1417City of Clarinda, June 30, 200397
2884Ames Community School District, Auditor of State's Report on Reaudit, For the Period July 1st, 2003 through June 30th, 200497
3046479028A Guide to Iowa State Parks, Spring 201396
2834Investgiation into Improved Pavement Curing Materials and Techniques: Part 1 - Phases I and II;TR-451, April 200296
20047Economics of Using Calcium Chloride vs. Sodium Chloride for Deicing/Anti-Icing, TR-488, 200818
321-330-9897Iowa Judicial Retirement System independent auditor's report schedule of employer pension amounts, June 30, 201616
27142Developmental strength program / Iowa Football, 2017.12
878-355-2254Consumer Advisory Bulletin, Be Wary of Online Payday Loans, July 201110
26113A-1 - Monthly Public Assistance Statistical Report Family Investment Program, December 20177
13618Testing Guide for Implementing Concrete Paving Quality Control Procedures, March 20086

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