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Learn more about what our link-building strategies can do for you.

Original, Quality Content

Link Juice Hero content writers create all original content what is specific to your company and includes your desired links. The links and content measure up against the toughest search engine rules so that your links and content get graded with quality.

Quality Strategies

Our link-building strategies are natural and powerful at the same time. We use blogging platforms that have a lot of Search Engine authority to provide quality links back to your site, using your desired Anchor Text, improving your Search Engine rankings.

Complete Control

Whether you are a single company or a Search Agency, you have complete control over your links. You provide the anchor text and we provide you with the logins to adjust these once they have been created. Our system is easy to use, no matter how many links you have!

Guaranteed Results

With Link Juice Hero, you always know the status of your links. We provide timely reports so you know what tasks are being done when. We guarantee this with a Money-Back Promise if we don’t provide you with the info you need to always know where your project stands.

Flexible Packages

We have packages to meet nearly any budget. No matter if you need 5 links or 100, there is a package for you! We also offer discounts for multi-site orders.

Top-Notch Support

Many link-building companies forget about you once the links are built. Our US-based employees are available to help you, no matter where you are in the link-building process.

How It Works

The process is so short and simple, we had to make up extra steps just to make it look like an actual process!

Submit your Request

Using simple instructions, provide the Link Juice Hero team with your desired URLs and Anchor Text.

Take a Nap

Leave the work to us. While you are sitting back relaxing, we are hard at work making quality content for your site.

See the Results

Link Juice Hero will provide you with a detailed report on the content and links we have created to point to your site.

Rinse and Repeat

Evaluate your links and anchor text. Then, do what you will. Perhaps order more links and take another nap!

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. Read some of the feedback we have received from our customers.

I have used multiple link-building services. Link Juice Hero has provided better communication and better results for a smaller cost. I highly recommend!

Bob C


Link Juice Hero has made my job 10 times easier. They do all the tedious work to bring us traffic so I can focus my time in other places.

Geneveve S.

Marketing Director

Link Juice Hero has given us the ability to grow our business and provide exceptional service to our customers. We can always trust that we will receive quality content and links that perform!

Tyler H

SEO Agency President

Can I use Keywords in a Different Language (such as Spanish)?

Yes, you can. Your keywords are not limited to English as long as you do not use foreign characters. For example, Spanish words can be spelled using English-recognized characters. However, some languages have completely different characters and would not do well.

What info do you need from me to start the process?

Mostly we will need your desired URLs and Anchor Text, as well as some information on the subject matter. All of the fields will be in the order form. If you have any questions when filling out the form, please Contact Us. 

What is my responsibility?

Once we have the information from the order form, there is not much expected from you. It is then our turn to do the work. It is highly recommended that you read the reports we send out, but there is no requirement.

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