I am always looking at ways to better myself and the people I work along side. This site is an avenue to that end. In documenting and describing my thoughts and perspective, I hope to reflect more on how I am perceiving the world as well as introduce thoughts and ideas to others. I hope you find this as useful as I do.


Simon Sinek talks often about why we do the things we do and what drives us to make decisions. He teaches being purposeful and finding your “Why,” the thing that defines you. In that quest, I believe I have found mine.

My “Why” is showing others what excellence looks like and coaching them to transcend themselves, to become better than they were before. This can be as simple as talking through issues or concerns, or as challenging as developing systems to support complex workflows of technical solutions. In all of these scenarios, I am driven to support individuals to excel beyond their current abilities; that is what makes me happy.


I’ve been working with technology ever since I was a kid. With one foot in the technology and the other in business, I balance technical depth with business outcomes.



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