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Zee Media Corporation Limited is India's largest News Network with a bouquet of 14 News Channels in 8 different languages with 220 + million viewers & 11 digital properties with 60+ million monthly unique visitors.

Our network currently includes a total of 15 television channels (14 News Channels + 1 Home Shopping Channel) out of which there are three national channels, Zee News (Hindi News), Zee Hindustan (Rural Hindi News), & Zee Business (Hindi Business News), and one international channel, WION. (English).

The regional news channels include Zee 24 Taas (Marathi), Zee 24 Kalak (Gujarati), Zee 24 Ghanta (Bengali), Zee Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh, Zee Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand, Zee Rajasthan, Zee Punjab/Haryana/Himachal, Zee Kalinga News (Odia), Zee Bihar/Jharkhand and Zee Salaam (Urdu). Zee Media recently launched a 24×7 home shopping channel EZ-Mall.

Our Core Values


We at Zee news understand the fact that a positive change in the thought process will bring a positive change in our nation. We highlight national issues in the same way so that our viewers can have an in-depth analysis to move ahead and make their contribution to make the nation a better place for every citizen.

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WION or World Is One News is not simply an international English news channel for me. WION embodies a vision, a commitment to make India’s voice heard in the global stage. For too long, India has been represented to the rest of the world via the western media that often failed to represent the complexity, nuances and struggle of the largest democracy of the world. This is not to say that just because WION is stationed in India, we interpret India the best. It is rather the quest that makes WION authentic. As a professional working in WION, the channel challenges me every day to glean out and articulate as precisely as possible the voice of India


Integrated Multimedia Newsroom (IMN)

This is the most suitable quote for defining Integrated Multimedia Newsroom (IMN) as we call it. It's putting together all our input strengths of reporters/stringers, live resources and ENG Units to make the content available at all the platforms like Television, Digital, Print or any other publication at the same time. IMN keeps churning real time inputs of all channels/print and segregates the content on the newsroom computer system with easily identifiable key words.


Zee Media Corporation Limited is one of the largest digital networks in India registering more than 500 million pageviews per month. ZMCL Digital Products are amongst the fastest growing websites and applications worldwide. With over 15 digital properties, we deliver unbiased and verified content spanning across all genres which is trusted by users across the globe.

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Zee News Live APP

ZEE News App brings to you the latest news headlines, breaking news, top stories from India and around the world in five different languages – English, Hindi, Marathi (24 Taas), Bengali (24 Ghanta) and Tamil (தமிழ் செய்தி). Keep track of latest and trending news stories on your mobile phone - anytime, anywhere, on the go.


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