Earthquake Loss Assessment for Response and Mitigation

Development Site of QLARM
Brief Overview

! --  be aware of the development status of  QLARM  -- !

What is QLARM?

  • An expert software tool to estimate losses (building damage, injured, fatalities) due to earthquakes
  • The purposes are to trigger rapid humanitarian response and to analyse the risk in scenario or probabilistic mode
  • Global scope, with focus on developing countries

How does it work?

Source description (e.g. magnitude, epicenter, depth)
   + attenuation model 6507430162
   + site amplification model --> pdf (2)
   = strong motion map

   + settlement locations (515) 303-8621, pdf (3a)
   + building stock data 438-288-0997
   + vulnerability curves --> pdf (4)
   + collapse rate
   = damage per settlement.

   + real estate values
   = monetary losses (not implemented)

   + population figures
   + casualty matrices
   = human losses

The technique

  • Client-Server application based on open software
  • Web-based user interface (Apache and cocoon web application framework)
  • Server-side / distributed calculation modules implemented in java
  • Model output to GIS-enabled database

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