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Why do we have to help Piotr?

Trent is good at it.

Don't trust anyone, not even me.

Land prices still show no sign of evening out.

Ssi had a look of hope on his face.

I'll help you escape.

I'm going to the restroom.

Jarvis doesn't take very good care of his children.

I'm not used to this heat.

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I couldn't have done better myself.


He is very much of a scholar.

Let's split up into teams.

Jan is very compassionate.

Why do you have to be so dramatic?

He finally made money.

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She attributed her success to luck.

I'll see to it right away.

I really do hope that you'll do that without complaining.

Unfortunately, I missed seeing the movie.

Beautiful things give us pleasure.

I remember what you said.

We've decided to postpone the meeting till next Monday.

Their job is to help old people.

What is the tallest mountain in Europe?


Lori wanted Think to go to the post office for him.

The steam shovels dug down three stories on one side and four stories on the other side.

He is attractive in every way.

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My children need me.

Have you ever had a baby?

Glynn deserves to be promoted.

Average U.S. precipitation has increased since 1900, but some areas have had increases greater than the national average, and some areas have had decreases.

Kimmo found his contact lens near the table.

Sometimes a friendly gesture is worth more than a thousand words.

"How pretty she is!" said Ben to himself.


On the Xbox 360 the very first thing he said was "good hardware."

Don't read my journal!

He is what we call a man of culture.

Why did you show me this?

He shouted defiance at me.

The Chinese have found that the better their children know English, the less they use idiomatic expressions in Chinese.

I just wanted another chance.

Sofoklis showed me some pictures of him when he was a kid.

I wasn't able to leave my house.

I can't sleep if the lights are on.

Daniele wanted one, but he had no idea where he could get one.

We went through St. Louis on the way to New Orleans.

I have enjoyed reading this novel a lot.


Moreover, what's on the bottom of the memo isn't dirt but a ... b-blood seal!?

Guillermo hid it behind the door.

They are foolish.

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The students have returned.

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Bertrand was the prosecutor in this case.


What do you call this bird?

We'll be back next year.

Neville walked out.


We're at home.

She paused in surprise.

Craig and Jeremy are married, but not to each other.


I was hardly able to see it.

You'd make a good diplomat.

I thought Brandi was here to stay.

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He did't answer at first

I love him and I hate him at the same time.

Let's discuss this over a glass of wine in the hot springs.

Yesterday's board meeting was a big success.

I haven't seen Lievaart this angry in a long time.


Are you done with that magazine?

I myself drank all the beer.

Do you know how fast you were going?

We've had a long week.

Ellen treated Sassan like a maid.

I remember that I once received an autograph letter from Santa Claus, full of good counsels.

Murthy was swimming with us yesterday.

He's what we call an honor student.

The studio is very small, with no place to hide.

Would you like to say something, Kolkka?

He is wealthy, but his older embroidery is poor.


Take care not to fail.

Were you really that frustrated?

Many sects have initiation rituals for new members.

Barry already left.

It's supposed to rain tonight.

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Do you think you could lend me some money?

Which do you like better, meat or fish?

Did Dan have dinner?

This is my bedroom.

If someone's in trouble, you should help them.

The boat sank to the bottom.

I almost think you're right.

The dog is rolling over on the ground.

I still have a headache, but I'm feeling better this morning.

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"Poor Pinocchio, I am sorry for you." "Why?" "Because you are a marionette and, what is much worse, you have a wooden head."

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I'm staying put.

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Where can I have my watch repaired?

In Japan, there is no lake bigger than Lake Biwa.

Whatever happens, keep calm.

A few minor mistakes apart, your writing is good.

I can vouch for them.

He won a silver medal.

He did it for fun.

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I just want you to get well soon.

Brandy finally mustered up the courage to tell Cristi the truth.

I've already retired.

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Speak more slowly, please.

It's on the first floor.

One cannot help liking the best things of one's home.

Could I drop by your place one of these days?

He is still green in business.

There are still people who cannot read.

Troy is never in a hurry.

Pat came out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

Brett reacted appropriately.


Caroline feared falling down.

I am not too rich, too fat or too happy.

I have exactly the same dictionary.

I arrived late last night.

The walls were black with smoke damage.

Do you know how to start a fire using just sticks of wood?

This is for internal use.


He can not endure already.

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What did you just do?


What's your major?

Look at the boy and the dog that are running over there.

Brenda saw that Phiroze was busy.

How should we deal with the problem?

Craig has lost control.

Can you tell me what's going on in there?

Nicolo isn't on the baseball team.

What is your planet like?

Just be careful not to break this.

Liza never for one instant thought of trying to convince Harris to do that.

That doesn't happen around here.

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I wrote down his phone number lest I should forget it.

This is the best one.

I can't guess what to do next.

Give Marek the gun.

I need an analgesic.

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Graham is the only one who can solve this problem.

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It doesn't matter how old you are.

Could you slow down?

If you're happy, I'm happy.

Why was everyone surprised?

How long have you lived in Boston?

Dad, buy me a gun!

Pia preferred to shop in-store.


Panzer doesn't care what Aimee does or doesn't do.

I thought Mark would be returning to Boston.

I really love my work.


Her cheeks turned red.

Those fish I just caught will be our dinner tonight.

You are not authorized to enter there.

Talks between the warring parties have broken down and security in the region is very uncertain.

I want to introduce you to some people.

How's your sister?

It's no small matter.

I can't solve this problem on my own.

I want you to run to the store for me.


Sassan's eyes glinted with excitement.

Do you know how much I paid for that?

I need you to do something.

I found the key that I was looking for.

I'll get you some coffee.

He could not catch the hare.

That museum turned out to be huge.

Hey, lay off.

They think I'm a millionaire.


Malus did his own research.