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It's so hot in Havana!!!

May we speak with you?

Nobody should be worried.

I'm debating whether I am perplexed, wondering, or astounded.

You look a lot like someone I used to know.

Adam answered the questions.

Guys, what are you talking about? Are you gonna steal my date!?

You're even dumber than I thought.

I expect her to pass the examination easily.


Aimee clicked the remote to stop the video.

Devon goes to school for graphic design.

Who of those who have read the novel can forget it?

We love each other, right?

Let's let bygones be bygones.

She walked arm in arm with her father.

Jos looked at the schedule.


He is crazy about jazz.


Wolf exhaled loudly.


Alfred read the whole article from beginning to end.


You seem to speak French fairly fluently.


I love her, but she loves someone else.

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Nothing can move through space faster than light.

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He's very likely to be late.

He took great pains to do a good job.

The company should give back something in return for this service.

Where is the cat sleeping?

The thieves dug a tunnel and robbed the bank.

We've humiliated him.

The temperature here is higher than that of Tokyo.

Is that really science?

Johnnie is cross-eyed.

Christie wishes he could make a fresh start.

Dirk is majoring in art.


The moon is shining bright.

Are you sure you know what Eddy wants?

Everything I have is yours.

My German friend's name is Hans.

I want my family back.

She wants to save the planet.

I don't do this every day.

Her voice was shaking with anger.

I think I'm going crazy.


You have your right sock on wrong side out.

Words cannot describe it.

You'll make a mistake.

You can't have the job.

When Ellen was in kindergarten, he lived in Boston.

I think Hitler will have an unpleasant afterlife.

Tahsin didn't mind doing the dishes.

We'll have to do it even if we don't want to.

Swamy reminded Jelske that she needed to buy some bread.

Joseph is in the garden.

Sjaak walked across the room.

Children get upset when things are not fair.

In spite of being fat, she was pretty.

I'm voting no.

Since he was able to walk so far, he must have strong legs.

Some of us hate it.

Jesper only drinks wine.

I will love you always.

Did you also invite your friends?


I'm not having second thoughts.

I'm sorry you're sick.

Sporadic gunfire was heard in the distance.


We were trying to help you.

I'm sorry I couldn't write to you sooner.

The audience burst out laughing.

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I still don't want to do it.


Pantelis opened the clothes dryer and took out his clothes.

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There are still too many unanswered questions.

Some Japanese may continue to sleep with both parents even during elementary school days.

I wasn't too hungry.

The coffee enabled me to stay awake during the dull concert.

Don't insult me, Sunil.

The cat was unimpressed.

Sadako wanted to add more, but her mouth just didn't want to open enough to make the words anymore.

Which would you buy?

Is the patient prepared for surgery?

Just don't hurt me.

A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell and make you eagerly anticipate the trip.

I was deeply shocked to hear of the tragic death of your beloved son.

We must make it!


Leif says that he'd like to come over this afternoon.


Doyle stole your ring.

The man took the boy by the hand.

I like your plan a lot!

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I heard Gale is sick.

I told you I'd protect you.

Did Linley sing?


Les must have seen Carisa when he visited Boston.

Your work is below average.

There's a serious problem.

I didn't help him escape.

Max looked at the ring John gave Albert.

The foxes that have been exposed to radiation in Chernobyl for twenty-nine years no longer fear humans and are willing to eat from their hands.

Are you sure Ben can do this by himself?

This is my plan.

Maybe we should take a step back so we don't fall?


You just need practice.

I'm not in the mood.

I have not been able to find a job so far.

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Urs tried to argue with Janet.


A cheetah runs as fast as any animal.

Do you think he still wants to marry me?

The trees were in a row.


I see you as in reality.

The conversation between the singer and me was long.

The average man fails not because he lacks ability, but because he lacks ability to concentrate.

I sometimes look back on the good days I had in London.

Your wish has come true.

It's Christmas, and the sun is shining brilliantly.

Barbara regaled us with amazing stories about her trip to Tibet.


Do you plan on moving?


In this respect, you're right.

What exactly are you proposing?

I like hot food, you like cold food, and Jane likes lukewarm food.


Civilization, in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication, but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction in wants. This alone can promote real happiness and contentment.

You stay put.

Nadeem really got a bad deal.

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Now that you've decided to quit your job, you look happy.


The policy is pretty clear.

You're my type.

Blaine will never stay with me.


That shirt is too large for me.

Do not answer hastily.

That wasn't very good.


Elephants are several times the size of mice.

He's looking now as if he were sick.

Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks.


His wife is one of my friends.


I don't need it now.


What makes you think I'm bored?

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We will know the truth before long.

He gave a minute description of the dinner party.

The plane has just taken off.

I refuse to herd geese any longer with that girl.

We helped one another.

I'm displeased with your negligence.

I never know what you boys are up to.


We can't get what we want without your help.

I couldn't let Sri go without saying goodbye.

The toy the boy was playing with is broken.

Don't think I'm made of money.

The girls laughed.

We made something wrong.

I read about it in the paper.

Surya should be home any moment.

I was actually born in Boston.

Yo, my man!

I like neither of the pictures.


I've never had problems like this before.

She could not swim.

It just looks funny.

Give this to us.

Do you like Oreo cookies?


Harv is the type of person who likes to argue just for the sake of arguing.

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She persisted in her opinion.


I assume your party was a success.

I think French grammar is difficult.

I'm glad Piete wasn't hurt.