Welcome to the Nebraska Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

Do you need help for your child with social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges? Maybe you are just looking for information, maybe you are at your wit’s end trying to coordinate services for your child, maybe you think it would be nice to have a friendly ear from someone who understands what you and your family are going through. Parents have expert knowledge of their child that they can share during the processes of obtaining, planning, monitoring, and evaluating services. As a parent, you can use your knowledge of your child to more confidently and effectively shape their services when you have good information and support to help you. We can help you to get the information and support you need for your family.


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We need your voice! An opportunity to get involved with planning for children’s behavioral health, child welfare and juvenile probation.  You be involved in many ways; compete a survey attend a focus group in your area, join one of the work groups or simply let us know what you think or what are your concern. 


Our Mission: To continually advance the systems of care for children’s behavioral health. A chapter of the National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health /ffcmh.org/ SAHMSA funded statewide family organization.
One phone call now connects Nebraska families to the help they need when dealing with their children’s behavioral problems and mental health issues. To contact the Nebraska Family Helpline, call 1-888-866-8660 and get assistance from a skilled professional that can help.
How we can help:
  • Individual Assistance: We can work with you one-on-one to review education, treatment coordinated services plans, to prepare for meetings, and to brainstorm action steps.
  • Emotional support
  • Information: We can answer your questions.
  • Help locating services
  • Referral to resources: We can refer you to local, state, and national resources, including schools and mental health providers.
  • Peer Support: We can help support you through our affiliate family organizations staff in your own community
  • Family Resource library
  • Trainings: We will listen to you and offer you suggestions based on what we know from our experience. We will help you connect with local service providers and find sources of support. We will help you think through your options for how to best help your child and family. call 877-239-8880

About Who We Are

We are a Family Run organization, Statewide collaboration around common issues and concerns affecting families and their organizations in each of the state’s six administrative regions; a network of Family and Youth voices to help create the best system of care for our children with mental ,emotional and behavioral health challenges in Nebraska. We are family members of children with disabilities, with a strong focus on emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. We have personal experience with disability and the child serving agencies and use our knowledge and experience to 215-781-7455.


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