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We specialize in mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. We offer in-house resources and flexible solutions to corporations worldwide.

We combine traditional mergers and acquisitions with our team's in-house expertise. Throughout the whole process our team provides insights that guide the full merger, acquisition or takeover. We help our clients grow their business and guide them to their full potential.

Our headquarters are in Virginia and we cater for the global market. Our in-house business development, mergers and acquisitions, legal and finance teams enable us to resolve transition issues quickly.

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We combine traditional mergers and acquisitions with our teams in-house expertise.

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  • Heritage Acquisitions
  • Heritage Acquisitions

Whenever a client starts to consider making a listing on a public market we are delighted. It shows that our guidance is working and the business is growing. Obviously we will suggest the creation of a detailed offer, like before, and the use of our standardized approach to the market.

The creation of this prospectus and the scheduling of all the legal and financial milestones will be of paramount importance.

An IPO gives a company the first taste of the real market. The attraction and value of the company will finally be assured. This can be a very exciting stage in the company’s development after many months of effort. If the offering goes well then everyone should benefit. Firstly, the original owners and employees, followed by the new and established investors and then finally Market Mergers.

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