Each year, companies of all sizes lose millions of dollars due to phishing schemes.

Don't be a part of that loss.

Save Time

Send simulated phishes to thousands of employees instantly and seamlessly.

Reduce Losses

Companies lose $2 billion every year from phishing. Regardless of the size of your business, PhishTrain can save you money.

Simple Security

View detailed and widespread statistics on our simplistic and modern dashboard.

What is Phishing?

1   Bill receives an email

Bill notices that an email coming from his boss has landed in his inbox. The email asks him to open an attachment and put in some employee information so his boss can keep better records.

2   He enters valuable credentials

Without missing a beat, Bill opens up the email and enteres his employee ID, company email, and company password. Little does he know that this email did not come from his boss, nor was it a safe site.

3   Bill's information is compromised

The hacker is able to see all information that Bill entered onto the fake website. With this data, the hacker can impersonate Bill and access online profiles and bank accounts.

4   The company's network is hacked

Not only did Bill put himself at risk, he also has endangered the entire company. The hacker can "island hop" from devices around the network and collect data from anyone else on the same network as Bill.

Our Features

Data Security

Secure your network before a threat strikes by education your employees on phishing awareness.

Mimic Real Attacks

Send authentic looking phishing emails, texts, and robo-calls to your employees, simulating real attacks.

Educational Lifeline

Vulnerable employees are enrolled in an education module designed to inform them about the dangers of phishing.

Beautiful Analytics

View comprehensive reports and graphs detailing employee interactions and overall trends in response to email campaigns.

Full Customization

Custom tailor all email contents to your liking. Additionally, change the dashboard colors and logo to match your company's own.


Compare entire campaigns or just individual users against one another to view progress and susceptibility improvement.



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