Equine Comfort Products is unsurpassed in quality, design and utility. Manufacturing since 1984... we have established our company as the premium supplier to the equestrian customer. Australian Merino Sheepskin Pads and Accessories As always Mother Nature knows best there is no man-made material that can equal the therapeutic benefits of sheepskin. Benefits include: lightweight, breathable shock absorption; total relief from pressure points; complete elimination of chafing sores and rubs; effective heat and moisture management. Equine Comfort Products are designed by active riders and competitors. We care about horse sports and love our equine partners. As riders, we understand the need for performance and practicality. All our designs are constantly evaluated and updated as our various disciples evolve. Features such as saddle pad designs that take the actual shape of a horse’s back into consideration are obvious to us, as they would be to any person who actually uses saddle pads. This means that some features may not get special mention. After all, you rarely see it advertised that the perfect 3-year-old prospect has all four legs.
Priced to provide you an excellent return on investment. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality products at a wholesale price significantly lower than our competitors. Sheepskin is machine washable and will bounce back wash after wash. Select from a variety of options to best meet the needs of your loyal clientele.

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