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Customer Experience

Your Business in peoples pocket

Your customers will benefit from the convenience your App will provide. They can browse your catalog/menu when they want and get updates from you about things they care about.

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High Praise

“It has been a game changer for restaurants and keeps us on the leading edge of technology ahead of our competitors.”

Conor Kerlin, Mexicali Fresh, Marketing Manager

Technology to make your life easier

Why Appropo?

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Native iOS and Android Apps

Performance and quality, maintained by our team of experts.

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Content Managment System

Simply edit your content whenever you like, and it'll update automatically.

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Realtime updates

Content updates show up instantly, no waiting for two weeks for reviews.*

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We only use secure connections, strong encryption and regularly update software.

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Your App will be built to a high standard but without the bespoke software price tag

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Research & Development

We'll research and build the latest tech and the best features. Like Online Ordering. Coming soon.

*Your App still needs to be initially reviewed which can take up to two weeks.


We're working on a range of new plans and features, check back soon

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