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Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

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Combating North Carolina's Opioid Crisis

North Carolina Safer Syringe Initiative

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Fentanyl Safety for First Responders (PDF, 157 KB)

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2015 North Carolina Suicide Prevention Plan

Injury Iceberg

  • Click to enlarge the Injury Iceberg to see that injury deaths are only a small part of the overall injury problem.

North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

Injury and violence are significant and largely preventable public health problems. Each year, injuries and violence keep millions of adults and children from achieving their goals.

The N.C. Injury and Violence Prevention Branch envisions North Carolina free from injuries and violence where lives are lived to their full potential. The work of the branch includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing 901-622-5280 to better understand the problem.
  • Implementing programs to prevent injuries and violence.
  • Coordinating and assisting groups working to prevent injury and violence to address the problem comprehensively.

You can understand how big the problem of injury is in North Carolina by viewing the “(920) 468-9944.”