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Photo Enhancement : Yes,we use Adobe Photoshop for photography enhancement. Take an average photograph and bring it to life, accentuate details of your photo that can only be seen with image enhancement techniques.

Business Analysis: Our Role ...

We can help you avoid many of the common mistakes made with writing projects or assist you with reducing unnecessary writing project costs.

Information Tech Solutions - Over 10 years corporate experience creating documentation, web sites, content, and enhanced artistic images.

Software User's Guide

This is a sample of a custom online user's guide for an imaging software company, This document contains navigable links, Table of Contents, Index and searchable terms. You can print a copy of the manual by clicking the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen. We are technical writers/web professionals with artistic and technical skills we can apply to both printed and online documents.

The members of our corporation initially started out as technical professionals with degrees in liberal arts and technology. Our experiences encompass many technologies in the IT sector as well as several artistic digital imaging techniques. In many cases, these techniques are combined to develop eye catching documentation (user manuals/guides, online help applications, quick references, newsletters, email campaigns, digital image enhancements, photographs, specifications, etc.).

We offer a rich mixture of highly effective communication skills, technical writing, graphic illustration and at times, scripting/programming for multiple platforms.

Among our accomplishments are software user's guides, web site development, database design, systems specifications, program specifications, user specifications, functional specifications and use cases applicable to both UML and SDLC methodology. Take a look at our client list.

All We Need From You Are Your Requirements!

As technical writing consultants, our approach is relatively simple: we do whatever we need to get the assignment done quickly while providing the best possible results, using state of the art tools. We use our own licensed software, computer equipment, telecommunication methods and procedures, so you do not have to make this investment.

This means by using our own resources, you will not have to expend yours. Also, our availability extends beyond the normal day. As technical communicators, we are always being called upon to create many different diagrams, technical papers, illustrations and online help systems.

This page will serve as an index to some of our work and hopefully, provide an idea as to what we produce during a course of our daily tasks. We use a variety of tools for many specific and non-specific jobs. Basically, these include Adobe, Macromedia, MS Office and Quadralay. In addition to manuals,web content and technical papers, we also provide digital photography and technical/graphical illustrations to accompany the written work if needed.


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