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Self-serve, easy to use interface to start generating greater turnover with your existing website traffic. Benefit from our unique technology stack which is developed by the engineers of H12 Media! Earn commission from your referrals, apply CPM floors to guarantee your revneue and more!

  • Standard, Sliding & On Video Banners
  • Popups and Popunders
  • Next-Day Payment Scheduling to Paypal or Bank Account
  • US$25 Payment Threshold
  • 10% Referral Revenue Commission
  • Ability to set-up alternative banner codes for unpaid impressions
  • Ability to set CPM floors to guarantee your revenues for each 1000 paid impressions
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Self-serve, easy to use interface! A platform by H12 Media's engineers! Make new customers, increase brand awareness & sales! Pay per viewed banner impression, click or sale! Without any budget commitments, start advertising as low as US$25!

  • Target user locations by city, state or country
  • Target users by their device types, operating system, browser name or mobile carrier!
  • Efficiently spend your budget by day of week or hour of day targeting
  • Pay per viewed banner by users (CPM), per banner click (CPC) or per conversion (CPA)
  • Pay as you go service, top-up as low as US$25
  • Image, Script or Server to Server Conversion Tracking Pixels