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Our consultants come from a variety of professional backgrounds and industries

Quality of Expertise

We select most suitable consultants based on experience, certifications and achievements

Wingup services

Solving problems:
Handpick professionals to get finest solutions to problems of different scale from perspectives that you favour.
  • Marketing and sales
  • Competition analysis
  • Creative advertising
  • HRM strategy
  • Market research
  • Fundraising
  • Other
Critical Assessment:
Optimize your business operations or improve your product by quickly collecting valuable feedback from various experts.
  • Supply chain
  • Conversion optimization
  • Product launch
  • Customer experience
  • Marketing evaluation
  • Differentiation and Innovation
  • Other

Verified consultants

It is important for a business to assess a problem from multiple angles to understand their options to address it. To achieve this, Wingup selects consultants with diverse background, experience and qualifications. As a part of the registration process, we verify consultant’s education and unique skill set they have gained throughout their experience. Our goal is to garner a community of qualified consultants ranging in depth and scope of expertise.


How it works in short:

Step 1

Complete a simple registration process

Step 2

Create a posting describing a problem you need to address

Step 3

Receive short proposals from consultants willing to take the project

Step 4

Select the consultants of your preference and individually negotiate on price and deadlines

Step 5

Receive solutions or critical assessments from the selected consultants

Step 6

Upon completion, the agreed sum is released to consultants

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Examples of problems solved at Wingup