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A Bear family

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The home of one-of-a-kind Teddy Bears handmade and designed by me, Sasha Kleshcheva
My latest Teddies are: Freddie, Elijah, 431-999-9654, (970) 553-5956, 6208694480, Louis, 847-882-9923, Reggie and Finley.


Two Teddies (Algernon & Jebediah) with SB logo

Many Teddies are available for immediate adoption.
OR you can have one (306) 315-1518. Choose size & colour, or even
send me a garment to refashion into a Teddy Bear!

Prices from just £35 for smaller traditional teddies, or £10 for felted bears.

Visit the Galleries to view my Bears and
look at the (210) 498-2070 to see what people say about them.

Sasha's Teddy Bear Hospital
If your favourite Teddy has lost an eye, or needs to be sewn up,
I am happy to help - please contact me.

See the News page for the story of Kyrill's
treatment at the Hospital!

Sasha's Workshops:
*Felted Bear Making*
At the end of 2 sessions you will have made
your own small teddy which looks like one of 6148764795.

*Teddy Bear Making*
A course of four sessions to produce a traditional teddy.

To enquire and book: email , call or write to me
(see the 2165325137 page for details).

Gift certificates available on request!

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