About Us

gahc-petgill-lake-jun18-2013(1)The Golden Age Hiking Club organizes hikes for reasonably fit healthy people who are approximately 55 years or older. We hike every week year round.

All hikers hike at their own risk. Hikers must sign a waiver accepting that risk. All hikers must wear appropriate footwear and clothing, carry sufficient water and food and be prepared for changes in weather. Hikers are expected to learn the hikes, prepare the hikes and to lead hikes. All hikers must stay behind the hike coordinator and in front of the appointed-tail-end person.

Golden Age Hiking Club Rules for Hiking rev Oct 10 2018

The initial fee for new members is $25.00 and thereafter the annual fee is $15.00. Car passengers who wish to make a contribution towards car expenses are requested to do so at the end of each hike.

Hiking Groups

Tuesday hikes are the hardest and usually demand a high level of fitness. Tuesday hikes involve considerable elevation gains and are often quite long.

Thursday Plus hikes are also physically demanding. Thursday Plus hikes are slower paced that the Tuesday hikes but may still involve considerable elevation gains and are often quite long.

Thursday hikes are not as difficult as the other two.

If you are in doubt about a hike, contact the Hike Coordinator.


Occasional guests are welcome provided that the host is sure the hike is within their capability and that they have adequate footwear. The host must get permission from the hike coordinator to bring along a guest. Hosts are totally responsible for the conduct of their guests.

We produce a seasonal hiking schedule, which describes each hike, its difficulty, the meeting place, the hike coordinator’s name and contact information.