I agreed to do it.

Let go of him.

Ruth bought an eternity ring for Raanan, as a token of his undying love for her.

I bet you're busy.

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Thank you for your kind letter.

That's ludicrous.

Why is my code not working?

The two cars crashed.

I don't want to let them down.


I don't think I can do this without Loukas.

I'm afraid we don't have the time.

The moonlight is weak.

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Maybe I should've told them.

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If I see Rudolf, I'll tell him that you're looking for him.

Arabia abounds in oil.

I suggested that we should listen to music for a change.

You look like you could use some sleep.

Vinod doesn't understand what you're saying.

Ramadoss can't take his eyes off Coleen.

I said I needed your help.

You're not romantic at all.

That took much more time than I thought it would.

I'm going to ride him until he dehydrates through ejaculating.

Boys are not welcome.


I'm thinking of going to Boston for Christmas.


That is a very good question.

There was a phone call from a 50-year old man who had been told he had a year left to live due to heart disease.

This warm weather is abnormal for February.

Seenu sat across from Alain, his ex-girlfriend.

Do you have a recommendation?

I hope you and Shakil have a good time.

He enjoys considerable standing among his peers.

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Maybe we should start.

Sorrow filled his breast.

Ning helped Dana on with her coat.

Radek contradicted himself.

Do you have any vacancies?


Keep me apprised of any further developments.

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The medicine worked marvels.

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This message is for them.

There are 30 classes in our school.

The teacher looked over the examination papers.

I wasn't careful, and now I'm sunburned all over.

My studies are financed by my mother.

This is the biggest cat that I've ever seen.

He is a locked nature.

Chet didn't want to do that.

You're not that old.

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What do you want to see?

This typewriter has seen plenty of use.

I think Liyuan liked it.

Some people believe they can rewrite history.

Sergei felt a pain in his side.

I go to Osaka by bus.

She is far better today than yesterday.

How foolish I am!

I made sure that no one was watching.

See you about 7.

Don isn't the same age as Hitoshi.

I wouldn't want to see you get hurt.

He is a cheerful boy.

I told her I'd changed my mind.

Ozan seems disoriented.


Emmett and Rajarshi walked along the shoreline.

So let us begin.

A stone hit him on the head.


I never ask for this.

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She hindered me in my study.

I'll meet you back on the ship.

Toerless can't handle this alone.


There are no benefits from praising a spoiled child. They should undergo a strict education.


Do you dream in French?


In the matter of psychology, he is an expert.

It's a really good question.

Today, I went to the doctor's.

She took my brother for me.

Jeanne wanted to buy some souvenirs.

I can hear you well.

This is the hospital where I was born.


Where's my ball?

The soldier never got scars from battles.

My mother has it in for me.

We can't just act as if nothing has happened.

The idea was brought into shape.

What are you doing in here?

You're not taking me seriously.

I finally beat Sedat.

Please don't make me laugh. I did too many sit-ups yesterday and my stomach muscles hurt.


I couldn't think who she was when she spoke to me.

She talked about Paris as if she had been there many times.

My father used to eat at this restaurant.

Ruth dances.

Our friend finished the race in second place.

He is embarrassed by his son's behaviour.

What do you really know about Gretchen?


Do you want a tray with that?

Sabrina won't get away with it.

The premier and his cabinet colleagues resigned.

Lum scratched himself.

His dream will one day come true.

I hope that some scientist will soon discover a cure for AIDS.

I'm headed back into town.

Roland certainly doesn't look like he's over eighty.

I assume you know what to do.


I like this picture of us!

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You can't control me, Lee.

He is nothing but a student.

It doesn't look like much.

We lived in Boston for three years.

Nobody really believed what Gregory said.


Pieter is writing a short story.

They spied on him while he was bathing.

He was deeply agitated by the news.

Her English was really good.

He never fails to write to his mother every day.


I asked him to go to my room for my glasses.

I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.

Brandon had no idea how tired Bertrand was.

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Ken shot Lanny.

She's the mother of seven children.

You were nodding off at times during my lecture.

There seems to be no one here.

They told her.


The room was bathed in sunshine.

All this has changed.

Can't you stop her?

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I think I got it.

I wish I'd called them.

I know that the last thing you want to do is help me.


I have not heard from her for a month.

I returned the books I borrowed from the library, and I borrowed some new ones.

The bathroom pipes are clogged with sewage.

He picked up a red stone.

The gates of the school open at eight.

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I think Gail liked it.

This should only take a second.

She was aware of the danger of the frozen road.


What time does the train depart?

Darin told Joachim the joke I told him.

What purpose does this serve?

Rayan is going to beat you.

Nothing is as difficult as explaining something difficult in a simple manner.

I puzzled over the difficult math problem.

Did anybody see us leave?

Thanks for the fruit.

That made him smile.

I thought it wasn't appropriate.

Did Kris know what he was doing was wrong?

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I hope he won't be disappointed.


I already bought it.

A bug bit me.

I feel like this is not going to end well.

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That's not a nice thing to say.


"Funny," said the old woman as she granted his wish and disappeared forever. "That was your first wish."


The people from Madrid are crazy.


We've got to get someone to help us.

Give me a few hours.

Who told Maureen?

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Heavy rains fell for more than a day.


I want the truth.

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How are we going to get this piano up those stairs?