Haven't you got a cheaper edition?

I tend to agree.

Please serve him his meal first.

A lot of people are waiting to see what is going to happen.


I stayed with my uncle.


It's so slow.

A lot can happen in a year.

Homeopathy doesn't work.

Hello. How can I help you?

The best way is to do one thing at a time.

The bear is quite tame and doesn't bite.

I cannot help you, not but that I pity you.

Why don't you just hit her?

I'll call you tonight.

Riding your bike on a path along a river surrounded by forests is really uplifting.

Randall didn't feel much like smiling.

I was surprised to see you yesterday.

I can take a rest at last.

Do you know how Sriram obtained the information?

It is very impolite of her to decline his invitation.


Since then he had put his whole soul into his work.

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The woman sleeps in the bedroom.

People feel educational standards slipped when the government cut finances.

Juri and Collin wanted children.


I have the feeling that since last Sunday morning, years have gone by.

Pretty clothes!

Elric seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

His book became an object of criticism.

Maybe that's just what he wants you to believe.

Lori didn't miss the meeting.

That's an exception.

Did you ever kiss Steve?

Put the key under the mat.


The teacher encouraged the students with praise.

The dean shook hands with each of the graduating students.

Aren't you supposed to be in Boston?

I wanted to make you feel at home.

Nadeem baked three loaves of bread.

Renu poured Jennie a glass of water.

Tai taught French at a small college.


I'm here with them.

He must be crazy to do such a thing.

They fought until the end.

Linda realized there were no cars parked in front of the school.

I know you want to marry me now, but don't you think you'll have second thoughts afterward?


We thought you could help.


We've still got a long way to go.

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We haven't made a deal yet.

Maria walks slowly.

They sent him to prison in 1925.

The clock is wrong.

It doesn't fit.

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Which book did you pick out to send to Anne?

I wouldn't do that to you.

I can't seem to get him to fix this machine.

Jordan doesn't know much either.

I'm not going to continue your work.

Lindsay was a single dad.

What's all the fuss?

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Miraculously, all the passengers managed to leave the blazing plane in less than three minutes.

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Pia brought Diana back to Boston.


Eddy sat down on his bed to put on his socks.

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You don't seem so hungry.

Joel is sweating like a pig.

In a different category was the prediction of a new age.


What did the experimental set-up look like? What was connected to what and how?

The greedy little child ate all the food.

I can't figure this out.

We talked in low voices so we wouldn't wake the baby.

Are you questioning my decision?

I think Saul didn't trust me.

I think Teriann was trying to tell us something.

Yes, but what happens after the fall?

Brent accepted the job as janitor at the local high school.

Johnnie was talking in his sleep.

I've never actually met her.


I get a physical examination once a year.

Let me know when you want to get underway again.

There is a man at the door.

What makes you think Linda would ever consider going on a date with Sir?

She saw a lot of animals on the road.

This river flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Srikanth asked me how many guitars I owned.

Tharen understands exactly what Gregory wants him to do.

I had no choice but to do what he asked.

Where is your bedroom?

What are you doing here, Bruno? I want you to leave.


We're very curious.

I like the kind of music that Tarmi plays.

Huey thought it would be a good idea if Eduardo got a gun.


Has our teacher been to Germany?

I suggest you get a good night's sleep.

This knife is just good for slicing a loaf.

How much are we short?

I have a newspaper clipping file.


What were they talking about?

Jeanne and Jimmy had a whirlwind romance.

I wonder if I can do it again.

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I recommend this movie to all and sundry. It is genuinely interesting.

What's your favorite non-Google search engine?

Ima has been looking for Charlie.

You're injured and need medical attention.

I'll need a receipt for that.

I'm not going to be embarrassed anymore.

We need to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

Does he go to work by bus?

By the time you realize I'm gone, I'll be miles away. Don't try to find me.

What makes you think I was going to see Saqib?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Why do you attach importance to this incident?

I won't be a minute.


There are about seventy hens in the henhouse, but only one rooster.

Hy will confirm that.

I was held up on my way to the hospital in a traffic jam.


If it starts raining we'll have to give up on our bike ride.


Why aren't you outraged?


My attitude has changed for the better. I'm more positive now.

They could not find work at home.

One person spoke for everyone.


What're you waiting for?

Neil knows just how you feel.

She tried to lift the box, but found it impossible.

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I hate rain, but I love its smell.

That was inappropriate.

I'd love to know what's happening.


Why don't you say it in Berber?

Happiness is not to be loved, but to love.

She spoke in a weak voice.

Dominic doubts if Mann will come today.

I've got a terrible toothache.

I met him by chance in the train this morning.

The chairman resigned out of the blue.


I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.


Pedro is self-employed.

Donovan is scary.

I also need to get people to understand the real me! My forceful behaviour is one way I try to do this!


What'll you do next?

Peter's very tall. He takes after his father.

Death is the point at which you can't be alive again. You can't die and then come back to life. If you think that happened, you weren't really dead.

Would you like to see your husband grow a beard?

Where is it that I must sign?

I got a new camera.

My neighbour is annoyed with me because he could not convince me to buy his old car from him.

Though she was only twelve years old, Susan knew how to make a living.

Loyd is on the official list.

I need to know exactly what happened.

Did I accept to write this?

I never should've trusted him.

Don't touch the wound, you could get an infection!


I kept thinking about all the things I needed to do and couldn't fall asleep.

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If only my uncles were millionaires!


Venkata is old enough to look after himself.


He's the head of the marketing department.

I won't lower myself to his level.

We can't find him anywhere.

I know that you still miss me.

Should I wait for them here?

The invention of electric light is accredited to Edison.

You might see him there.

Bacteria are everywhere.

Herve says he's never had a girlfriend.

I'm dying of cold.

I have to do it.

I have the key of Paradise.

Matthias and I are kind of busy right now.