Made With Care For Our Users
    Our Omnicommerce application on iPad mobile and the web allows you sell
    a store's products in a physical, retail setting. It's quick and easy:
    browse your store's catalog, pick a customer's products, swipe their
    credit card, and print their receipt or send it through email.
    ShopFast Is Better Than Ever
    100% Fully Responsive
    With Numerous
    Additions & Optimizations
    Sell Online
    Sell in Store

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Supports categories and manufacturers
  • Categories can also be fully nested to any level desired (sub-categories)
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category or manufacturer
  • Reward Points System
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  • Supports coupons
  • Supports discounts
  • You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid
  • Automated URL Re-Writing
  • Customer groups can be marked as tax exempt
  • Anonymous checkout
  • One-page Checkout
  • Gift Cards (Virtual and Physical)

Endless Possibilities