What Lorien wants to do isn't going to help.

You must be kidding!

I'm proud of my school.

Stanley is nuts.

Almost everyone does that.

Gotta catch 'em all!

I don't want to do anything.

My father always thought that he wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy.


Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

Wow, you're a lucky guy.

How did you stain your dress?

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What would you say to a cup of tea? That is, if you're not too busy.

These are the expectations.

I am very sorry, but I must cancel our appointment for February 27.

If you read this sentence three times, a ghost will visit you in your sleep.

This food is both nutritious and delicious.


I've heard that carrots are good for your eyes.

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Our wedding plans have changed.

Sport is good for your health.

Where is the hammer?

I cast my fishing line into the sea.

How many times a minute does the average person blink?

Let's give this a shot.

I was surprised when I saw Shawn hit Prakash.

Let's talk about it later.

For the economy as a whole, recovery seems still far away.

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He swam across the river.

"Give me another bottle," he said.

Don't you know me?

You'd better make up your mind quickly.

Rees rolled over and snoozed for another 15 minutes.

He's crazy about bread.

I have a knife and a fork.

The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

Is Jun still in the hospital?


Andrew wants to know if you're taking anyone to the dance on Friday.

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What do you think is going to happen here?

I am just a nobody.

Secret gifts are openly rewarded.


She added, as an afterthought, that she was going to do some shopping.

You don't realize how lucky you are.

I'm going to throw a party.

Anthony looked a little bewildered.

Sushi is a repulsive food.


Italy is in Europe.

Why do we need it?

Something bad happened to them.

Troy couldn't help grinning.

He placed himself in the middle of the street with a sign that said, "Free hugs."

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The patient is getting worse from one day to the next.

Turn off the water.

It's no easy task to keep up with him.

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Floyd slept through most of his classes in high school.

I take a bath every night.

Emily came for a visit yesterday.

Clara never left the house.

Eddie probably thought I could ski.

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They also teach that, for great sins, they cannot receive forgiveness unless they confess to their leader.

It was a complete flop.

There's nothing left to be done.


Could you tell me how to adjust the volume?


My feet are cold.

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"I have no idea," Murat said honestly.


We ought to win.

Return immediately.

Why doesn't she have anything to say?

He is wearing glasses.



My legs feel heavy as lead.

Kamiya knows Yvonne won't do what John asked her to do.

I'd be disappointed if you didn't come to my party.

Fritz has a picture of his family on his desk.

Promise me you won't do that again.

I can tell by the look on your face that you're not interested.

China is an advocate for the Diaoyu Island's sovereignty.

Is it all right to take pictures in this building?

Roger might want to consider staying at home today.

What does that mean exactly?

You look fabulous.

Moderation is a virtue.

Have you got a seven-yen stamp?


It's quarter past six.

Donnie has two brothers who live in Boston.

Siberian night is very long.

Reports said they came close to a settlement.

We're going on a hike.

Nhan said he'd be back before 2:30.

I've tried everything I know of.

I wish I had studied French when I was in high school.

The baby in the cradle is very cute.


Where have they taken her?

The problem is whether you can follow her English.

Patty has some psychological issues.

Warmer waters harm coral reefs and alter the distribution, abundance, and productivity of many marine species.

Svante no longer works here.

The sight of the centipede on the wall was enough to make my skin crawl.

Guns are readily accessible to Americans.

Please don't be afraid of me.

Are you coming with me or not?

Does your school have a baseball team?

Who owns that car?

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It is going to be rather cold.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that.

Give me a minute with him.

Everett painted the house all by himself.

I should be resting.

You seemed stressed.

He has corporal's stripes.


It is very kind of you to invite me to the party.


Join me with them in their movement.


She's too young to get a driving licence.

Thank you for everything.

There was something about her voice that made us feel uneasy.

All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.

Last night someone broke into the small shop near my house.

I don't know how you sleep at night.

In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.


She forgot to write him.

I told Amos Jinchao was OK.

Let's make some noise.

Where can I catch a bus?

You should have let me warn you when I had the chance.

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One cannot help liking the best things of one's home.


Do you always wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle?


I don't know whether he'll join us or not.

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I think we should keep this a secret.

It can't be Roxane.

He ejaculated while we were still having foreplay.

The sky's the limit.

Do you think I'm qualified for that job?


Let her rest.

Rees doesn't say much.

Am I the only one who thinks it's a bad idea to buy Jianyun's old car?


I'm doing this for them.


Combustion liberates heat.

Juha has a veterinary background.

We're really good.

We can do anything.

Shatter knows what Phil is thinking.


I could give it a try.

Everybody's home.

I know it's not fair.

I love the colours.

Ric has been studying French for about three years.


Where is your underwear section?

He's a dancer.

Jeannette has explained the problem to Narendra.

Uillean Pipes - translated they'd be called elbow pipes - are irish bagpipes that are blown up using bellows, in order to be able to drink while playing.

Sangho has no desire to study French.

His story was pretty simple.

He measures the time with a radio clock.

That's the true account of what happened.

Do you know where your children are?

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There's a helicopter waiting for us on the roof.

He is poor as a church mouse.

I have been reading the book all afternoon.

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A synesthet can hear colors and see sounds.

Many architectural monstrosities are seen in Tokyo.

Think shouldn't have given Adam a diamond ring.


I heard a strange sound coming from the garage.


Translation is like toilet paper: No one thinks about it until they need it.

And so what are you doing here?

It took me ages to pack up my suitcases.