Elric seems generous.

There was an expensive camera left in the classroom.

Saqib removed the band from her ponytail and allowed her hair to fall loosely about her neck.

The room is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Everyone seems to be happy but me.


I found myself thinking he might be right.


Isn't that suspicious?

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Lori tossed another log on the fire.

A boy is throwing a stone.

Do you have Guinness here?

We climbed up the mountain, but with difficulty.

Night is for sleeping.

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He was a famous poet and a competent diplomat.

Tobias doesn't only teach the guitar, he often gives concerts.

The way that woman goes on with men shocks me.


What to do next is our question.

It is the factory, my brother works in.

What kinds of sports do you go in for these days?

Anderson is still at the library.

You must stick to your promise.

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I haven't been outside in weeks.

The last thing I want to do is cause you a problem.

I've got a very full schedule.


Do you like this flower?


I should've gone after him.


We could meet downtown. Would that be convenient for you?


Marcel's dog was barking at Audrey.

Urs went to see Hirofumi in Boston.

Both methods worked well.


Love demands pain.

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Audrey needs the money right away.

Vincent likes being single because he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Anyone can do it.


I'm seeing them again tonight.

I couldn't have done anything without Helen's help.

Does he speak English?


That's what I really want.


You're like a sister to me.

Douglas killed Jarvis in self-defense.

That's the reason I don't like him.

Books are the paper memory of mankind.

Woody hasn't called.

How are air traffic controllers able to keep track of so many planes at once?

He didn't show up at the party yesterday evening.


I'm starting to get tired of your complaining.

I went to Nagasaki.

This is a beautiful field of lavender in France.

I have to find it.

What kind of stuff do you keep in the trunk of your car?


I want to buy a coffee maker, I can't drink instant coffee any longer, it's disgusting.


A man who wanted to see you came while you were out.


It cuts no ice with me.

His face was full of hate.

I saw a lot of people get hurt.

How does the front door-lock work?

I took Russ to lunch.

If she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

She's getting on all right.


This sentence doesn't make sense.

Shuvra is the girl on the left.

I hope we can reach some kind of compromise.

I want you to help me die.

I'll let you know what I find.

The windows must be secured.

I'd like to see you at 2:30.

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Are you sure you're not taking on too much?

You don't look your age.

Dalton pulled the ring off his finger.

Ariel is fair.

The water has been cut off.

You said you liked it.

He does not like to take a bus, no matter when.

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I have to get back to Boston.


I got off the bus at the end of the line.

Emily has a beautiful face.

My father is too stubborn to admit his faults.


I couldn't think of anything worse.

I heard you enjoy going to the beach.

Would it bother you if I smoke?

They've got everything under control.

This will help keep you warm.

Kit's gone down two pant sizes since he's been working out.

I thought it was cool.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency upped the level of the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from level 5 to level 7.

This article is critical of the way investigations are being made into the matter.

We would often go swimming in the river.

It's not for sale.


If you want to work here, you need a permit.

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All the seats are occupied.

I know what you've risked.

We couldn't carry out our project because of a lack of funds.

Do you prefer to go by train or bus?

Don't you see what's happening here?

Sean really greatly resembles Conner!

How did you manage that?

You are not in a position to make demands.

This restaurant serves dishes made from local organic fruit and vegetables.


Dylan said you were looking for me.

What a beautiful sweater!

Sanjay is named after his father.

I kept the cheese in the cellar.

We're going to have to deal with this.

They demanded a salary increase.

I don't know much about our foreign policy.

Tell me what you did to Shounan.

Let me whisper in your ear.

We need to find out who did this.

Sedat and Brenda were discussing the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage.

The medicine will cure your headache.

He managed to get off the difficulty.

Flower arranging is a traditional craft in Japan.

I know where you ended up.

Nils said you could work here.

I asked for one.

I can't think of a reason not to go to the beach today.

I'd like to have a glass of water.

George is five years older than me.

Originally, he didn't believe it at all.


Ricardo wasn't convinced.

I'm handling the situation.

She screamed with horror as someone took hold of her arm.

Throw down your weapons.

Gerald rummaged through his closet looking for a pair of black shoes.

There is no such thing as a cynic, just people who describe the world as it is.

I have a heart.

We may as well cool our jets and wait until it starts moving again.

We'll never see them again.


Don't waste your time doing that.

I was surprised Murthy was there this morning.

I want to write a poem.

The jagged mountains were capped with snow.

That would be extraordinary.

Woody stole some money from me.

He was deeply agitated by the news.


I'll get Hal to call you.

Good advice isn't expensive.

Haven't we seen him before?

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If you get sleepy, just tell me.

Sedat called in sick.

Could you help me to find it?


She didn't receive the flowers.

Claudio keeps a black cat.

Dominick isn't anything like his father.

Hitomi looked very happy.

Dylan stated the obvious.


I enjoy making new friends.

He tends to get angry over trifles.

She wanted a piece of cake, but there was none left.

In the vacation, I read the entire works of Milton.

If you are a good girl, you shall have candy.

I couldn't remember ever having met her.

We must all go and find her.

He is a politician in all senses.

He asked the men, "Would you share a room?" "Certainly, we will," answered the three men.


I never have trouble falling asleep.

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Yes, I really like him.


Don't lie about them.

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Raymond took charge of the situation.


Give me those gloves.

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Hey, I want to help you.