the bark bars

homemade soap that's good for you & your dog!

when soap is made of almost all organic ingredients, love and kindness, it just turns out better. give it a shot - you'll understand!

mindful ingredients

we have you and your pet at the very center of our thoughts. that's why we chose to make our soap with as many organic ingredients as possible. almost all of our bars contain entirely organic ingredients.  

well tested

we hand test each recipe extensively ourselves, and then pass it along to our friends and family for even more testing. consider this product pet tested, parent approved.  

minnesota made

supporting local is important to us, which is why we decided to  take soap making into our own hands. now you can say you use  minnesota made soap!


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a few of our friends got together and had fun in a pool.

know what they did afterward?


they used our product!