I want to hear anything you have to say.

Two thirds of the time I'm around translating sentences or adding new ones.

My parents weren't very wealthy.

Alastair has begun to look for a new job.

Treat the men well and the ore will come.

I'm meeting Jakob next Monday.

That was a really silly thing to do in the circumstances.

Did I miss something this morning?


He gave the material a cursory reading.

We should've started this earlier.

The patient has been attended carefully by a nurse.


Where else in Boston do you want to visit?


I'll be jealous.


Chinese is not too difficult to learn.

Did you put it somewhere?

I'm going to meet him tomorrow.

I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.

Kaj said you'd ask a lot of questions.


I was surprised when Guido asked me to the dance.

I should just tell Clyde the truth.

Panzer should've stayed home.

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You must miss them a lot.

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Elwood and Claude both stared at John without saying anything.


It's just an idea.


My sister is a nurse.

I'm taking care of my grandfather

I bought lots of stuff.


She took to him immediately.

Obey your father.

He didn't notice the change.

Peer helpers made the teacher's job a lot easier, but established a cruel hierarchy among the students.

This is the reason why he did it.

Don't judge a man by his appearance.

Raise your right hand.


I make a point of taking a walk before supper.

Put it someplace where no one will see it.

None of the money is mine.


Go somewhere else. I want to be alone.

Just help me with this baggage.

My sister and her boyfriend are going to get married next year.


Diane promised not to tell any more lies.

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Could you dress the salad?

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Don't be a dog in the manger.

I have borrowed a car.

Black clouds spread over the sky.


It was good if the lie wasn't added to him.

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Can't we tell them about it?

I wanted to talk to you about that.

He is rich. He doesn't need any money!

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My teacher is too bookish.

A customer came and so tea was brewed.

Lars hit Sid.

It's disconcerting.

They asked for an increase of salary.


What did Terry tell you yesterday?

I met him last year at a party.

I don't think you should call Miltos.

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Who did you think I was?


Motion denied.


Donal quickly unwrapped the sandwich and began to eat it hungrily.

Justice is the constant and perpetual desire to give to each one that to which he is entitled. Jurisprudence is the knowledge of matters divine and human, and the comprehension of what is just and what is unjust.

Anthony had a problem at home.

Patrick thought that Dawn would do that right thing.

Thank you for the Christmas gift.

I hope you won't mind.

You should've talked to Manavendra first.

Sydney is a town in Australia.

Be careful that you don't get lost.

This seat is taken.

Can you give Janos another chance?


Telephone me if it rains.

Corsica has some very picturesque landscapes.

I have to say goodnight to them.

The pain went away because I took the pills.

Merat pulled his suitcase out of the closet.

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Lum said that he was too tired to do anything else.

I love what you've done to this place.

Life is a short walk before eternal sleep.


What do you recommend to me?

Modesty is the art of allowing others to discover how important you are.

Antonella is trying to contact you.

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Maybe we should wear gloves.

Suyog told me that I should be more careful.

We have it all.

I don't know why you don't understand.

They're going to torture Pierette.


You must be joking! I can't find my passport!

Yesterday I met Frederic on the street.

It will rain tonight.

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I feel honored to make your acquaintance.

Trying showed Eddy his calendar.

This is certainly the most delicious juice I have ever drunk in my life.


I ran into Yoko on the way to the theater.

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I need to go to the hospital.

Fight with all your might.

Do they pay you well?

We need twenty eggs all told.

I can make nothing of this quiz.

His sexist slur was broadcasted across the country.

He blinked.

The sunset is really beautiful here.

Where's the office for Ace rental car?

Books are the bees that carry pollen from one mind to another.

My e-mail address has been changed.

Chris' heart felt so empty and damaged that it couldn't be repaired.

My grandfather likes to walk.


He was so angry he couldn't speak.

Is there any sauce left? No, there is none.

I don't mean to nag you.


Maybe you did it wrong.

They swam across the bay.

My father loves my mother.

You just saw them, didn't you?

I never get tired of that.

Rogue found out that John was a police informer.

It will be a surprise!

I don't mind doing the housework.

Little did any of us know that Vincent would be dead within three weeks.

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I talk to you about this.

I wonder what Damone wanted.

He is popular among his colleagues.

My father drinks daily.

Did you invite him to dinner?


I'm just obeying orders.


An increase in the number of cars will affect the urban environment.

We have just gotten to first base.

Let's not kid ourselves.

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I have stomach ache.

I want to have a girl and I will name her Yagmur.

Just what do you mean?

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You were such a big help yesterday.

I cried today.

I love Titanic!

I know you're working with him.

My hobby is taking pictures.


Ray says he's given it a lot of thought.

There are many children in the park.

I have always been very passionate about politics.


It is strange that he should have lost his way.

I doubt those things.

I'll stake my job on it.

I'm not staying.

I am allergic to cats.

A working day shortens life by 8 hours.

Angus was very puzzled.

Perhaps he had an argument with his wife, but it's out of the question that he hit her.

He makes out that he has a right to say so.


Injuries are part of the sport. You cannot say a player's loss "doesn't count" because he was not in top form due to an injury. Avoiding injuries is just another important skill to be learned.

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I'm getting ready to go back to Boston.

This game is sick! I've been a fan of the company for...ever.

I can't bear the thought of her with another man.

I've got bad news for you.

Maria works in the field of psychiatry.


All languages being equal, English is the most equal of all.

Sometimes I go and sometimes I don't.

I think that's him.

Randal's limping.

I wish we could spend more time together.