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I never expected this fine hotel to be found in such a place.

Check out our website!

We used to work together.

He loves you. I know he does.

Stefan knew Hughes was with John.

Your knowledge of the subject is superficial, Deborah.

I'm not interfering, huh?

Erik will lose weight.

I know that wasn't what I was supposed to do.

You have such good friends.

Come to my office at the end of this month.

No-one is more capable of translating your sentences than yourself, surely.

I didn't consult with Markus.

For everyone comes a time when his conscience catches up with him.

I play the piano a little.

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It was a glass that he broke.

After graduation he will engage himself in study.

Rafael is the only man in the world that can pull this off.

First thrive and then take a wife.

Have you also got a few clean cups?

Someone spiked Claudia's drink.

Adlai is good at what he does.

Jayesh has been living in Boston for a long time.

Raphael came to see you this afternoon.

If a tree dies, plant another in its place.

Toufic and Knut are in the office waiting.


The children were playing in the dirt.

Leigh inserted a disk.

There's no chance that he'll recover.

They're done.

Show it to us!

They plowed the field.

That's an interesting ad.

He went over the house before deciding whether to buy it.

Who are you selling your car to?

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Where did dad go?


We chose a good present for each of their children.

They chased the man to arrest him.

Diana and Samir were sitting on the sofa very close to each other.

I see we understand each other.

Tell them I won't be there.


This is probably the place.

He nodded in response to my question.

Nguyen asked me who the man standing in front of the statue was.


Malus thought you were busy.


I have one thousand and five hundred cows.

I like reading Ralph's blog.

I don't know what drives people like him to do this kind of stuff, it's beyond insane!

Mehrdad summed up the situation in very few words.

It's a shame the way he internalizes homophobia.

I'm not old enough to get a driver's license.

Human's nature scares me.

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You know him better than I do.

I prefer to forget the past.

At the tone, please record your message.

Why didn't you report this?

This is the first song I ever wrote.


I will keep my fingers crossed.

I'm sorry he committed suicide.

Ravi did everything Boyce told him to do.


Society exists for the sake of the individual.

She will have it that the conditions are unfair.

We broadcast news on the hour.

I got my left arm hurt in the accident.

I put this question to him.

I'm tired of fighting.

Krzysztof knew it.

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What a nice day it is!

How does the song go?

The only thing that mattered to Rudolph was that we weren't impolite to his boss.

Joanne is legally blind.

I'm putting you on hold.


They mistook my politeness for friendship.

I've got so much more to do.

Romain made a wish.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

She had a good time talking with him about his trip.

Global warming will change the patterns of the weather world-wide.

I forgot my wallet.

I was looking for something, but couldn't find it.

He knew better than to say such a thing.

Sigurd just happened to be there at the same time I was.

Is Miss Smith an English teacher?

I often hear people say that.

I never meant for you to find out.

They were chatting on the campus.

When her uncle died, Marty came into fortune.


Cholera germs were found in the food.


You are to hand in your assignments by Monday.

Why did you invite her?

Mick didn't want one.


Greg walked into the courtroom.

Please give my proposal one more chance.

You're a good-looking guy.


Ian is a junior at Harvard.

Make me a conqueror of all nations; let the famous chariot carry me all the way from the sun to Thebes in triumph: I will consider myself human even when I am hailed everywhere as a god.

Don't waste your pocket money.

I couldn't restrain myself.

It's not pertinent.

Where is the laundry?

It was there, when I noticed it.

Clayton and Galen have been friends since they were kids.

America is proud of being a free country.

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.

Which is the best government? That which teaches us to govern ourselves.

Farouk, what's happening?

But she is innocent!


I told him that I'd help him.

Everything's so cheap.

I owe you a big one for getting me out of the jam.


I don't know what the correct answer is.


I've got the best way to get her to be your girlfriend.

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I went to the park with Briggs yesterday.

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We are at the boulevard St. Michel.


Take whichever one you like.

I guess I just got lucky this time.

She never gets invited to parties.


Alan seems wise.

It makes me kind of happy.

Now help me.

I know you'll enjoy that movie.

By tomorrow, there'll be no more problems.


He has a spirit of tenacity.

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This job pays very well.

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We saw the children playing.

It was so lovely a day that I preferred to walk.

Joubert readily agreed to do what we asked.


I'm just trying to get to know you.

I thought it would last.

There went a lot of people in the line.

It's cold, so I want to eat something hot.

We were afraid that we might hurt him.

Daniele's warned me about that.

She allegedly killed him.

We listened to the teacher during the English lesson.

My father will return at the beginning of next month.

You're delusional. Go to bed!

Laurence isn't going to talk.

She has very long hair.

I didn't ask them to come here.


Rabin's car was totaled.

An island came in sight.

I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.

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Michiel watched Jeannie walk away.

I think Loukas suspects me.

Excuse me. What time is it?

I really wasn't sure.

Is this legal?

Nicolo knew it would happen sooner or later.

Greetings from Brazil!

The pelts were too damaged to be sold, so he used them to make his son a pair of mittens.

Miss Sato is in charge of my class.

Americans spend much of their free time at home.

Peace has returned after three years of war.

Emmett refused to answer Manjeri's questions.

I never heard him sing.

He said that he had met him a week ago.

Everyone was very surprised to discover that the slave girl was in reality a princess.

Ah, snow!

Where did you have your new suit made?

I'm tired of him!

Will you explain the last part in detail?

What makes you think Sorrel can do this?

They watered their horse.

Please lower your voice.

Do you want her to help?

Who wrote it?

Herbert blinked his eyes.


I've got them with me.