Bring Back
Planters PB Crisps

The most delicious snack in the world.


PB Crisps were an utterly delectable mid-90s snack food. After being discontinued for many years, there still isn't a comparable snack. Because these snacks were one-of-a-kind, PB Crisp lovers are urging Planters to bring them back.

To prove that PB Crisps are not a myth, here are actual photos of the heavenly snack.

Photo credit goes to 504-766-7813 who uncovered 3 bags of PB Crisps in 2011, and to Dinosaur Dracula who discovered a pouch in 2015. Those guys were so lucky.

Why on earth would you discontinue these?!

How To Bring Them Back?

Keep telling Kraft Foods that you want PB Crisps. It worked for Cheez Balls. Remember, every bit helps!

1. Call Kraft Support

  • Set aside a little time each week to call Kraft Support. Tell them that you want PB Crisps available again. Their phone reps are friendly people.
  • Phone: 1-877-535-5666

2. Use Social Media

Publicly tag Kraft's aliases on social media: Join the "Bring Back PB Crisps" movement:

The Fanatic is here to spread awareness.


  • PB Crisps were first introduced in 1992.
  • PB Crisps came in 3 mouthwatering varieties: PB Crisps, Chocolate Crisps, and PB&J Crisps
  • The exact date they were discontinued is unknown. I originally listed 1995, however a visitor reported purchasing them in 1999.
  • Nobody knows why they were discontinued. Urban legends suggest it was because they were too delicious.

Oh yes! There was a commercial

It began with a nut and a volt, that shook his top hat with a jolt!

P.B. Crisp, an idea for a munch, but with graham cookie outside for crunch!

Inside, a center so sweet! Peanut butter creme, oh, a treat!

A taste so enormously grand, made to fit in the palm of your hand!

P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, peanut butter creme is the name of the game!

P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, P.B. Crisp, the sweet taste that is destined for fame!

Keep scrolling because the memes are hysterical.

Information for Planters

Okay Planters, let's get serious for a moment. I understand that you had discontinued PB Crisps for your own reasons, which were probably business related. You had every right to discontinue them. However, that was a long time ago. Today, there is plenty of interest from folks around the USA who want this food.

With a little research, you can see that there is enough interest around the web to begin offering PB Crisps again. At the very least, in small batches or seasonal batches.

In my daily travels, I encounter plenty of Americans between the ages of 30 and 50. As a conversation starter, I'll ask them if they remember the PB Crisps snack. To my surprise, more often than not, people do! The conversation typically goes like this:

Fanatic: Hey, I was just thinking about an older snack. It was shaped like a peanut, but was crunchy and had a peanut butter creme filling. Do you remember these?
Stranger: Hmmm, let me think.
Stranger: YES - I do remember these!
Stranger: Wow, those were really good, what were they called again?
Fanatic: PB Crisps.
Stranger: That's right! What brand makes them, was that Nabisco?
Fanatic: Close! It was Planters, actually.

Sure, it's an unscientific poll, but I've been doing it for a few years now. People want PB Crisps.


Here is a list of resources from around the web that proves people still want the PB Crisps snack. I update it periodically.

  • @PBCrispsFanatic on Twitter. My Twitter feed, which is actively growing and supportive.
  • 5624790016 - Type "pb crisps" and look at the search suggestions. "pb crisps alternative" and "pb crisps for sale" are top hits.
  • 7135022048 - A search for "pb crisps" yields over 450,000 results.
  • guide card on Facebook. An active group with over 700 participants. In August 2018, I united with this group.
  • (520) 903-6343 IGN article from 2018 which also mentions PB Crisps and has testimonials in the comments.
  • indeliberately Huffington post article from 2017.
  • 716-595-2341 A reddit discussion thread from 2016 with 400 upvotes. Read the testimonials in the comments.
  • "Bring back Planters Cheez Balls and P.B. Crisps!" petition from 2014. Over 800 supporters.
  • "Bring back P.B. Crisps god dammit" A reddit discussion thread from 2013 with over 2000 upvotes. Again, read the testimonials in the comments.
  • 262-432-4563 A popular blog thread from 2010 with testimonials in the comments

Other Snacks

A recent scientific poll about how other snacks compare to PB Crisps.
(it wasn't even close)

PB Crisps

PB&J Crisps

Chocolate Crisps

Skippy Bites

Nutter Butter

Planter's Crunchers

The Memes

They're funny. And it's basically like free marketing... isn't that right, Planters?

The PB Crisps Fanatic posts them on Twitter and Facebook ALL THE TIME!


[I want more PB Crisp memes.]

Exclusive Q&A With The Fanatic

Hey Fanatic, are you crazy?

"I'm only crazy about a taste that was destined for fame."

Why did you launch this website and Twitter feed?

"It should be obvious. But I want nothing but the best when it comes to my snackage."

When Planters brings back PB Crisps, what are you going to do?

"Buy about 40 bags and throw a party. You're invited."

How much is a bag of PB Crisps worth to you?

"Priceless of course. I really hope they're $5 or less per bag so that many people can purchase and enjoy them!"

What's with all these crazy memes?

"Everyone likes memes, right?"

Now, let's take a moment to hear a message from another PB Crisp lover, impetition

Art and Resources

Amazing, high quality artwork that is free to use for all purposes.

"I could really go for some Planters Crunchers", said no one, ever.

In early 2018, Planters launched a snack called Planters Crunchers. When I encountered these at my local grocery store, I was in awe. I thought that I was looking at a second incantation of the glorious PB Crisp. For a short moment, everything in my world was right again.

That moment ended as soon as I opened the bag.

I had exactly two Crunchers before throwing the bag away. The snack itself was crunchy, but mediocre at best. I tasted too much of a potato-ey flavor. Do not let your guard down and bite into one these while thinking about PB Crisps!

However, there is one thing I really love about Planters Crunchers! Planters managed to get them 165+ reviews and a 4.5 star rating. This is great news. Let's get those PR folks working on PB Crisps, a snack that thousands of people have said that they want to eat.


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