Socially awkward people have a harder time finding romantic partners.

They wanted to sign the agreement first.

I am Japanese.

What's your favorite snack?

Christians are always thinking about Jews, because their literature always talks about them.

Richard and Blaine were sitting at a table in the corner.


It was pretty dangerous.

The other day, we chose Yoshida to be the catcher on our school's baseball team.

"Would you mind shutting the door?" "No, not at all."

When you were in Boston, you worked with Sanity, right?

Mikael, call security, right now!


Why can't you be more like your brother?

How many countries start with the letter y?

I do not believe that God exists.

France should be full.

Let's let Patricio try doing that again.

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That's not my job.

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I'm not quite sure what to do.

Pratap has been shot twice.

All you do is criticize others.


You must take good care of yourself.

She helped him overcome his sadness.

I thought it was true.

He lived a long life.

I'm having dinner with Christophe tomorrow.

People used to think the Sun spins around the Earth.

Some photos were printed in black and white.

Come to the front of the classroom.

There's so much I need to tell you.

Do you know which one is the real one?

Are you interested in this T-shirt?


Not knowing her telephone number, I couldn't call her.

I see it rarely.

They did an unimaginable job.

How can they do this?

Take this seat, please.

Tuna hummed a tune to himself as he did the washing up.

You must save us.

Nice costume.

I thought it was pretty good.

I'm getting pretty tired of driving every morning.

I don't think you need to say anything more.

I thought I'd make breakfast.

I don't think she will come back by five.

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I hadn't seen her in years.

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If you don't like Naim Jackson, I can suggest another lawyer.

I'll give you Dr. Shiegal's telephone number.

The bad weather affected his health.

It was a real pleasure to meet Israel.

The other day, I met him in Kyoto.

The three brothers must help one another.

Joanne apologized profusely.

That's a lovely necklace.

I wonder if anybody can help us.

It's a snowy day.

I was told that we have until 2:30.

You need to learn how to change spark plugs.

Were you cooperative?

The scandal hurt the company's reputation.

Bertrand didn't want to attract attention.

He made no end of excuses.

Spending time with friends on the beach is fun.

Orville is a big man in the company.

I'll find out if Shane wants to go.

Irfan entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Per assumed it was free.

That's how we want you to do it.

I thought that you said it wasn't contagious.

He is afraid of chopsticks.

Everybody knows about that.

You've got to be some special kind of deranged to consider something like that.

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Everyone knows Karen isn't happy here.

I think Alexander might be allergic to eggs.

He glanced over the newspaper before turning in.

We ordered the meal.

Louis didn't seem to understand the purpose of the project.

What was the question?

I knew this day was coming.

He is disinclined towards Christianity.

I'd like to see them.

It seems to me that I have it all.

You're weird. I haven't helped you at all yet and you're calling me a "genius".

Is today your birthday?

Joubert pays rent on the first day of every month.

The government's new economic plan leaves much to be desired.

He's a descendant of Queen Victoria!

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Martha is not an Adonis but he's certainly very attractive as he gets out of his Lamborghini in his Armani suit.

He concealed the fact from me.

If you want to go out with Gabriel, you can.


I like showy clothes.

I worked on a farm when I was younger.

Bill, Maria! Come downstairs kids, food's ready!


Please come to meet me at the station.

Mechael posed as a technician to enter the restricted area.

Glue the photograph to your application form.


Toft felt cheated.

We all need to pay closer attention to what Lum says.

Jarl might know what Michelle's phone number is.

The cat crept under the hedge.

The blades of grass tickled her feet.


I'll update it soon.

Geoff practiced hard to make the team.

The striking workers protested their pay cut.

Burr told his friends goodbye.

English is a language.

Come over.

You must think this is funny.

This book was very interesting.

I don't think that's even possible.


You're an hour early.

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Dan hid the gun in a locker.

I think we'd better be going.

It is a matter of common knowledge that a man of genius is seldom successful in his own lifetime.

My association with him did not last long.

We'll carry it to the barn.

Ravindranath didn't need to tell Stacey. She already knew.

I'm going out on vacations for two months.

Leave her alone.

Railroads were built across the west.

The diamond appears genuine.

Louie and Srivatsan are very close.

I meant to ask you a question in the meeting but I missed out.

International traders are struggling just to get by.

We shouldn't leave the matter unsettled.

I should say he won't come.

Why won't Ruth help?

Winter is coming.

Can you actually imagine doing that?

I've decided to go home early today.


There's an exception to every rule.

Sometimes students took textbooks in the library.

Mohammad gets away to Medina in 622.

Could you come over right now?

Penny is always putting on airs.

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I can't get a hold of Susan.


I miss my parents.

I think it is dangerous for you to drive a car.

She's sexually promiscuous.

There can be only one explanation.

If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

Go easy on him. He's still new around here.

I'm just asking you to think about it.


Don't scatter your things about.

This time Srinivasan is right.

Kirk's party was kind of fun, actually.

Do not watch television.

List has cut himself off from all his companions and lives, self-absorbed, in a fantasy world populated by imaginary friends.

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I was scared that you might leave me.

A buffalo is akin to an ox.

No one has seen Sekar.

Agreed, but only on one condition.

If you heard her speak English, you would take her for an American.

Einstein discovered that space and time are just two different aspects of spacetime.

Thank you for listening to my presentation.


I have never signed a social contract.

I'll work with them.

I think this is pretty nice.


Bugger off.

Justin asked Louie if she had drunk all the milk.

We'll take that for granted.


My mother is always very cheerful in spite of poor health.

I'm a good cook.

Let's get a picture of us together.

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She is in the kitchen because she's making dinner.

Care for a smoke?

It really comes in handy.


She ran her eyes over the letter from him.

I'll be checking your progress from time to time.

It's my turn to attempt solving the problem.

Your husband's dead and sends his love.

Danny has proven that.


Why on earth did you sell your newly-built house?