Custody Minder
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Manage and document difficult child custody relationships

Reduce divorce conflict and remove the "he said/she said" that keeps families returning to court over joint custody and co-parenting issues. Let Custody Minder™ empower you to easily log your communications on-the-go. Miscommunications can quickly escalate between parents. Using Custody Minder, comminucations are tracked by time, date and delivery method whether by your notes, text messages or images you upload.

Custody Minder™ eliminates the guess-work and the debate over "who said what and when." Simple, clearly formatted reports help you provide the precise documentation family court needs to make a judgment.

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The Upper Hand

With Custody Minder™, you will never find yourself unprepared for court. Powerful features capture Text Messages (SMS), your own notes. and images. Create the paper trail with electronic evidence that will help secure your case!

Custody Minder's™ Privlidged Access features allows you to grant the Court or your Attorney up-to-the-minute acess to your log right from the web!


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