Gail couldn't speak to Laurel.

I need to talk to you a sec.

We haven't made much headway.


Do you know what you just did?

Kelvin's friends called him Mr Money Bags.

No one ever doubted that Rod would win.

I'm glad you liked my friends.

Woe to him!

She put on an air of innocence.

We have had little rain this summer.

These are my brothers.

China gives me many different impressions.

Then she began to walk again.

The tree was so happy she could hardly speak.


I can understand everything she's saying.


This is a bad neighborhood.


Bob was always in a tight spot with the police.

Would you please replace the broken one promptly?

There's some room for improvement.

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I have to hide this bag.

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Lindsay doesn't think it's impossible.

Everyone has something to say.

He left for Manila last week.


Your little sentence is too neat.

My birthday is in October.

I let Tai work on my car.


He is as rich as any man in this town.

The headline caught my eye this morning.

Dewey has been busy cleaning his room.


Edgar is just a mixed-up kid.

We believe in that man.

I was taken by surprise.

The quarrel ended in their coming to blows.

How does Old do it?

Sangho would be a formidable opponent.

That really fierce cockroach uglifies the so-called robot.

Michelle opened the door to let the cat in.

I'm not frightened of ghosts.

Don't be such a couch potato.

To my great surprise, we won!

Our trip was unattended by adventures.

He lost all of his money at the casino.

What on earth has happened?

I wrote it for Penny.


It's obviously a lie.

I should have come earlier.

Huey was accused of stealing money from the cash register.

He knows I don't like face to face meetings.

There were many children in the room.

She is heating water for the tea.

I asked him to help out today.


Please tell me what will be coming next week.


What city has the most danger?

He is in a rage to know.

I'd really like to go there.


No is no slouch.

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His talk is off the point.

What do you think of Jill's new hairstyle?

Pratapwant does whatever we tell him.

He is of a serious turn of mind.

I decided to deliver the world from myself.

I need to talk to him.

He soon got over the danger.

Nothing more could be done.

The line is busy.

My wife sings in the ladies' choir.

I'm champing at the bit like a wild horse.

I saw this movie a very long time ago.

Margie smiled apologetically.

I was surprised at how expensive the shoes were.

Be that as it may, you are wrong.

The scene before me was very beautiful.

You knew Vladimir when he was a kid, didn't you?

I'm glad that your team won the game.

Can I talk to Ryoko again before you hang up?

Herbert may be a genius.

For many women, breast cancer is a matter of life and death.

Don't ever say that to her.

You may keep the book.

That's the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen.

I was looking at her.


He's proud that he got his education in the U.S.

Kerri tried to impress his boss.

What is that you have in your right hand?


I hope it wasn't too painful.

Jerrie should be waking up pretty soon.

You taught him well.

We have to go now.

It's very kind of you.

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Will was so busy.

Jan was about to sit down when the siren sounded.

Spy and Neville got married on Christmas Eve.


I suddenly stood up and felt faint and light-headed.

It's getting dark. Please turn the light on for me.

Please drive the car more slowly.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

This is just one of many things we have to do before we can go home.


I'm just telling you how it is.

I'm taking them home with me.

Charlie is acting a little strange.

There's nothing wrong.

Doesn't the girl on it look like she can't remember the right word for something?


He is not kind to her.


She got her belly button pierced.

Where did you ever find him?

Working so long on the graveyard shift made his health suffer badly.

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Claire was wearing a gray suit with a red tie.

Toerless decided to major in French in college.

That was Masanao's only fault.


I promised myself that I would never do that again.


I think I just heard something.

How long do you intend to spend at the library?

Professor Sprout acclimated the plant to a new environment.


It is not worth repairing this camera.

They plotted against the government.

Build a house on the level between two valleys.

The more, the merrier.

Why would I ever tell you?

The picture is good in its way.

Nichael introduced his family.

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My father used to bring me here when I was a kid.


I don't spend much time at home.


By means of monthly payments, people can purchase more than in the past.

No spends a lot of time in his room studying.

I guess Werner thought it was too late to come visit.

Crying as if his heart would break, the Marionette mourned for hours over the length of his nose.

Elijah poured more wine into his glass.

This bag is too heavy.

It is a song.

Miami is the biggest city in Florida.

You're obviously drunk.

I stuck one.

You could see the elation in the president's face when he announced that our shares are going to be listed on the First Section of the TSE next year.

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I'm requesting political asylum.

He had no difficulty explaining the mystery.

She is in a mood.


I'm doing it now.

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I'm seeing them this afternoon.


I don't really know how to dance.

Then I walked upstairs to the dressing rooms.

Are there seven blankets?

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They didn't suspect anything.

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Is this my passport?

I wonder when the Civil War started.

Did your family come with you?


I didn't sleep well yesterday.

Either she's really doing well, or she can hide everything behind her smile.

Are you homesick?

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You shouldn't ask personal questions.

I've missed you very much.

They were stupid not to follow your advice.

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I've tried doing it that way already.


I love you, Raphael!

It took a while for Clifford to react.

I was too afraid to do anything.


I wish I were as smart as you are.

We know it's you.

Focus on the details.

We learned a lot, too.

The rudder at the back of the plane moves left and right to control the left or right movement of the plane.