We're up to the challenge.

Do you know how to contact her?

This has nothing to do with what we were talking about.


The fisherman exaggerated the size of the fish he had caught.


It doesn't really make much sense, does it?

Alf never felt comfortable expressing his own opinion.

That's fair.

I suggest you find a new line of work.

We took the shortest way to the station.

How does she bring up her children?

I wish that I could give you something.

It's annoying not being able to find the error in my calculation.

Sassan cares.

She got married at seventeen.

You think you got me pegged, don't you Rahul?

You don't have much more time.

I have a friend who can speak French fluently.

It seems pretty easy.

That church organization takes in refugees.

I was worried about you.

My birthday is one month from today.


They're going to Boston.

He illustrated the problem with an example.

Yeah, I've always thought it's as plain as the nose on your face.

I didn't ask you to come.

It probably is my fault.


I didn't hear you say it.


Mind you come on time.


Old barely touched his food.


Solar power is the way of the future.

A permanent is extra.

Do you like San Francisco?

He is making an appointment for them.

I've thought about that a lot.

Did Rusty talk to you about Ragnar?

This could be just what I've been looking for.

I need to use your phone.

That trio has already put out five albums.


The yen is expected to lose value against the dollar.


He is confronted by many difficulties.


I want to do this the right way.


All I want to do is sit here and drink this bottle of wine with you.

I just learned to play poker.

I know you can do better.

Laurianne kept cleaning.

Would a postponement help?


Hey cat, how are you? Are you sitting in the house? There are two cats.

Will you go to the cinema tonight?

The train left at sunrise.


We heard gunshots.

Her theory is based on facts.

He is short, but good at basketball.


Why don't you try to clear up this whole thing for me, then?

Is this a servo or a disturbance-rejection problem?

I caught sight of her figure in the distance.

I had never given it much thought.

My band's playing tonight.

Romain carefully opened the lid.

Turn down the volume, please.

Tad seems to enjoy just sitting on the dock and watching the seagulls.

Actually, you didn't make one, but two mistakes.

Hoover was well-known to Americans.

Is there regular bus service to the town?

Why do you do that?

Ricky was very pretty.


How many people know about this?

We can't leave her like this.

Get enough sleep.


I filled the bucket with water.


I cared about her.


Vijay said he found something in the forest.

They both sat down.

He studied hard in order to get into college.

We don't even know when Evelyn was born.

Pains of love be sweeter far / Than all other pleasures are.

I knew I could count on you.

I talked to them.

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He would leave the job to his vice president.

How did you come to think of that?

Kevin is quite a remarkable young lady.

I am interested in English.

Can I borrow one for about two weeks?

I can't buy a book this expensive.

When I was in school, left-handed kids were forced to write with their right hands.

We were both a bit drunk.

We will begin the party when he comes.

Staff couldn't handle the new Minister's authoritarian management style, and left en masse.

It's almost always raining there.

I want to know what's going on.

The horses are unsettled about the gunshots.

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I will try my best, whether I shall be successful or not.

Experiments can be attached to the outside of a spacecraft to see how the space environment affects different things.

My son here will help you out.


She's very pretty, but she has no appeal.


If you need Vietnamese learning books, please contact me.

You are mad.

Emily is an Australian citizen.

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I swear I didn't see anything.

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It's not happening right now.

Hillary is wearing a silver ring.

I'm sorry to waste your time.

I thought I heard Stewart's voice.

I need to go out for a while.

The chocolate cake led her into temptation, though she was on a diet.

There's plenty of parking.

We have found him of whom Moses in the law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

Socorrito said he found something.

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When you see the Popescus, please say hello from us.

Daryl is quite likable.

I still need more training.


He's going bald.

The birds twitter cheerfully.

They want us to cooperate.

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The song is well known to everybody.


I started to cry.

Edwin walked towards the stairs.

My father doesn't allow me to go to the movies alone.

I can't imagine why.

Nikolai took some money out of the drawer.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I've already told you all I know about that.

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Why don't we talk about coffee?

Botulism, brucellosis, Lyme-disease and tetanus are infectious, but not contagious diseases.

I don't want to be your boyfriend.


How many glasses of wine did you drink before I got here?

When the time is right, I'll tell you.

She fell prey to melancholy.

It was a lucky guess.

What has Vivek been accused of?

It's not the same around here without you.

Have you subscribed to any newspapers or journals?

It takes a great deal of practice to master a foreign language.

It took four months to write a new Constitution.

As we go up higher, the air becomes cooler.

Abrams handed the cigarette to Browne.

What type of job are you looking for?

He made no mention of her request.

I lived in Japan for 2 years, but now I'm living in California.

Do not provoke that wasp.


For many gay men, coming out of the closet is a difficult experience.

It is the fact that I want to know.

The contrast between the two ideas is very marked.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

Has Doug told you the name of his horse?


His advice didn't help much.


Look how happy you made Takao.

That's another thing.

She only buys second-hand clothing.

Give me a kiss.

I replied that I didn't have parents any more.

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Alexis was involuntarily conscripted into the military.


Are you going someplace?


Arne took a long warm bath.

I just ignore Jarl.

He likes snow.

We need to get him out of here.

A garden planted with pine trees.


Freedom is what we're fighting for.

Amir doesn't know anything about it.

Klaus said he would do it.

She's two years older than him.

Eggs can be used as weapons.