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73.27 BTC
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7,561,621.13 ZMN
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25th December 2018
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ZMINE Team is a group of computer engineers who are interested in encryption and decryption technology gathering together and developed an advanced system for cryptocurrency mining. In 2017, We started a unique business model called WRYGC (We Rent Your Graphic Card), So that everyone can bring their own GPU to let us operate and share the cryptocurrency received from the mining operation between the GPU’s owner and ours without additional management fees.

Due to the huge interest in cryptocurrency mining and our leap growth business, We currently have more than 10,000 graphics cards operating in our facility and Strek Co., Ltd. which is largest graphics card distributor in South East Asia have seen our potential. So they become our strategic partnership and Strek CEO also join us as a director.

With our unique business model and strong partnership, We saw the opportunity to issue an ZMINE Token (ZMN) to get a budget for buy many more GPUs to meet our customer’s demand, and as well as to meet the conditions of the graphics card factory which need a large deposit amount and a period of time in order to deliver a large batch of our requested graphics card.

ZMINE Token will be available for purchase an also be available for exchange to the graphics card that we have installed on our system. The buyer will become the owner of the graphics card and will have the same rights as the GPU’s owner. The company also has the policy to buy our token back at every price and burn it all every month.



อ้างอิงจาก PR ของ ซีมายน์ โฮลดิ้ง ลิมิเต็ด ระบุว่า ซีมายน์ โทเคน (ZMN) เหรียญไอซีโอจากเหมืองขุดเหรียญดิจิทัล “ซีมายน์ โฮลดิ้ง ลิมิเต็ด” โดยคนไทย ได้สร้างปรากฎการณ์ให้กับวงการคริปโตเคอเรนซีของไทย ด้วยการถูกจัดอันดับบนเวบไซต์
Saturday August 4th, 2018
BITCOIN-ADDICT เว็บเทรดคริปโตอันดับหนึ่งของไทย ไม่ได้เพิ่มเหรียญใหม่ขึ้นกระดานเทรดของตัวเองเป็นเวลาหลายเดือนแล้ว สำหรับ ZMINE ยิ่งไม่มีใครคาดคิดเลยว่าจะมีโอกาสได้ลิสในกระดานเทรดแห่งนี้ หลังจาก ZMINE ประกาศปิดการขาย ICO ไปได้ไม่นาน วันนี้เหรียญ ZMINE (ZMN) ก็ได้ถูกลิสขึ้นกระดานเทรด เป็นที่เรียบร้อย...
ZMINE starts out as a group of computer tech enthusiasts, keep try and catch, until the discovering of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology, our journey begin. Blockchain has many branches related; programming, networking, cryptography, economic, financial, and also even probability....


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  • ZMINE x Blockchain Expo Korea 2018

    Blockchain Expo Korea (BCEK) is the leading blockchain expo series and conference in Korea.

  • Echelon Asia Summit 2018

    Echelon Asia Summit 2018, held at the Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Center, is the venue for major events in Singapore, able to accommodate a lot of people. Over the years, over 700 events have been organized.

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    Total Buyback token: 1,738,234.44123710 ZMN

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  • ICO Sale Ended

    We would like to give massive thanks to all of you who trust and support us and our business.