I've asked Nicolette to help.

Shall we take this outside?

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She helped her father with the work in the garden.


If it were not for sports, how dull school life would be!

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The fewer who know, the better.

We'll do what we can.

He hung his head sheepishly.

Ann didn't drive Jose home.

Nathaniel acted like he didn't know Gilles.

He always looked happy, but never was.

I think Boston is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

Donnie couldn't help getting angry with Hienz.

Wendell is prepared for whatever may happen.

That doesn't sound too hard.

Getting used to it will take a while.


I haven't actually met Oskar yet.


I have a yellow dream.

I want to go back to my friends.

Stacey will enjoy doing it.


I buy my silver from a man who has a mine on his property.

The crowd threw rocks at the mayor and didn't let him finish his speech.

I let Sidney win.

The poachers stole some turtle eggs.

She seems totally at peace with herself.


Anna has chestnut brown hair, but Magdalena has blonde hair.

Can you remember the first time you swam?

Please call Jerry.

John is going to tell Lucy about the origin of rugby.

I need to have a serious talk with Nikolai Alekseyevich.

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The tower occupied a prominent spot on the ridge.

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Who is acting as head?


Would you like me to explain it?

"That's right. At the least I wish they'd add one to the first floor as well ... Wait a mo! Why are you here!?" "'Why' is obvious isn't it? It's so we can go to the toilet together."

He's the most popular boy in the class.


I can't go back without you.


That's my line.

Emily's staying in her elder sister's house, because her parents went to the United States for a couple of weeks.

There are various ways to get to her house.


Those textiles are of the same quality.

Respect your parents. They pay for the internet.

I wonder if there's enough food for everyone.

There are twelve months in a year.

Morgan isn't going to make it.

Already retired, but often get asked by them to consult.

Loukas has bad breath.

I want to go out with her.

Nobody cares about your life.

Back away from her.

The reason he refused your offer is obvious.

She was tricked into doing it.

Pratapwant married his high school crush Leif.

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Siemens. No family can do without us.

Let's reconsider the problem.

We wandered from the course.

Where can I find her?

I'm not going to take that risk again.

I will make a friend of him.

Want of wit is worse than want of gear.


He tried to hide what was really going on.


The writers know many songs.


He's prideful and arrogant.


Hon has been apologizing too much lately. It makes me feel sorry for him.


We really missed you.

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The cows are milked at six.

You don't have to hang around if you don't want to.

He doesn't have any common sense.

They needed privacy.

I feel good with him.


Hmph, Yayoi's navigation was difficult to follow so we ended up going round and round the same places.

You're a valuable asset to me.

How should I answer if she inquires after you?

Hurry up, or you will miss the bus.

Is there anything I need to do before I go home?

I was off duty at the time.

The tap is off.

We'll help.

I don't think Matt hates you.

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Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.

I'm sorry to call you so late at night.

He promised to do his best as president.

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Dan was presumed dead, though his body had never been found.

He was caught in the clutches of the law.

We did everything for them.

Just jump in.

Did you get the flowers that I sent you?


All the clergy are against the new law.


Every company has a firm business plan.

Lui named his dog Cookie.

I remember saying that.


You should always spend time doing things that help your children get ahead in life.


Please go on with your dinner.

She didn't say a word about it.

Saqib didn't remember to pay his rent.


What will happen to our children if nuclear war breaks out?

He broke down completely on hearing of his daughter's death.

I like that dress a lot.

I don't have enough money to advertise.

"Love your neighbour as yourself" is a quotation from the Bible.


I think I'm going to throw up.

Donne couldn't think of Vijay without remembering how painful their breakup had been.

Though he is very learned, he lacks common sense.

I'm trying to stop Kirsten from making the same mistakes I did.

Which laptop do I need?

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I don't doubt that he will help me.

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Don't play poker with him.

While Tracey is here, you might want to have him fix your leaky faucet.

His face turned white.


Our genetic material is being constantly invaded by small egocentric molecular parasites.

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I know that there was a big church here.

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I tried to do that.

She'd do anything for you.

Admit it, Mason, you're still in love with me.

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President Obama and Vice President Biden launch the Campaign to Cut Waste, which will hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the Federal Government.

Someone's at the door.

He tried to take hold of the sheep.

Tommy has charisma.

The receptionist changed her tune.

This sentence has been deleted because it was a duplicate.

Though it was a muggy night, she went to bed with all the windows closed.

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All the boys spoke each in turn.

I hardly ever remember dreams.

Do you understand her?

They all agreed to a man that this statement was true.

I clean my ears using cotton swabs.

He spoke to the teacher.

They can't avoid the traffic.


The desk seems small in this room.

Cream is a white and light yellow liquid composed of concentrated proteins and fat.

I just told Merat about my promotion.

He ran as a candidate, independent of any party.

The more stubborn you are, the more isolated you become.


I'm looking for a well-trafficked place, somewhere that draws big crowds. What would you say is the best place to do business in this area?

Mario was living with Kikki at the time.

According to Trevor, Jarmo is wild in bed.

Marsha is psychic.

Neville didn't have any proof.

He exclaimed, "What a dirty face you have!"

There's a fine crop of corn this year.

Don't interfere with him if you want him to like you.

We don't have a single thing to worry about.

Ask your teacher and he will assign you one.

It's all in there.

Danny was a standup guy.

The air conditioner seems to be working now.

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No nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation but only in effective cooperation with fellow-nations.

This species of deer is so elusive that only two have ever been photographed in the wild.

Why should I help him?

Major's cellphone rang and he answered it.

What did you do with the batteries?

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I felt it my duty to do so.

Cindy isn't very sociable.

I have no memory of you.

When water boils, it turns into steam.

I know the law better than you.

Man proposes, God disposes.

Please make me a cup of coffee.

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I guess I was right.

Vernon is annoying Jeannie.

He beatboxes professionally.