That was a brilliant idea.

I'm not going to need that.

It is important for you to read many books.

Nigel and Duncan purchased a small parcel of land on the edge of town, where they plan to grow vegetables.

George Washington was the first President of the United States of America.

In today's society, the media encourage young people to strive for success.

The front wheel plays an important role in two-wheeled vehicles moving without falling over.

Laurie went to London.

I blew the candle out.

Look at the past and learn by it, look at the present and live by it, look at the future and dream by it.

Students will take one of these English courses.

Annard saw John and Sanjay holding hands.

No was acting on his own.

A trip to the Moon is no longer a dream.

I think that would be a mistake.

I felt as happy as if I were still dreaming.

We had a big dinner.

He ripped a button off his coat.

That's the book I told you about.

I'm trying to sleep.

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He'll be back in ten.

He emphasized that tens of thousands of people would come to that concert.

Eh? We said we'd go to the park? I didn't realise.

Jonathan helped his mother set the table.

I bought several guidebooks, none of which helped me.

You should spend more time with Oskar.

We knew something had to change.


Life vests are located under your seats.

Many people worship you. Do not disappoint them.

You're as tall as I am.

I'm brave.

I wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday.

Hui lights the candles in her room.

The British soldiers rested.

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You have to decide.

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The lumberjack had a variety of axes for different jobs.

Subra is looking for a book about training guard dogs.

Where, Sir, are you going to?

Craig is already over thirty.

This is a pencil.

We must baby Douglas until she gets well again.

Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find - nothing.

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You could sit on my lap if you want.

That's a first world problem.

Hughes was the only one who wasn't at the party.


She can understand everything he's saying.

I think I'll be very busy, but after the test I will have more time.

They lost no time in leaving their home.


I wrote this song for Saqib.

Be gone!

If you die without having made any enemies that means that you have not done anything.

A book descriptive of the wonders of nature.

What's that building?

It's very bitter.

You'll just have to wait.

Jinchao doesn't have to know.

Vice doesn't like studying.

I can't watch.

My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

You can buy it for a thousand yen or so.

The cell phone rang, but he went back to sleep.

I'll keep it for Clara.

Nobody is really sure.

The fact that he did not do it cannot be denied.

I'm not the only one who likes Lar.

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No one can deprive of your human rights.


Do you feel OK?

Is it true that Hume can't swim?

Her eclectic taste was evident from the unusual decor of the room.

I didn't stay until the end of the concert.

I hope I'm not putting anyone out.


Vic was the one who told Diane that her house had burned down.

There's a police officer.

Kylo is driving to the hospital.

You won the lottery? No way!

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Still others simply travel around America in recreational vehicles, seeing parts of the country they had been too busy to see before.

Great jubilation is often followed by bitter disappointment.

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They did not think anything of the news.

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We see each other every day.

Wayne isn't yet old enough to get a driver's license.

Please let me know if you feel hurt by anything I said.


I expect you to be there on time.


Dinner isn't ready yet.

There must be something else we can do.

I'll give anything that isn't this.


Close the curtains! It's because the person living in the house across the street is a voyeur.

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I've seen your record.

I've severed communications.

I'm 1.9 meters tall.


Which has the biggest brain, an elephant or a person?


How can we know for sure?


If the medicine isn't working, maybe we should up the dosage.


We definitely need Lorenzo's help.

The next morning, Link woke up at seven o'clock, refreshed and brimming with anticipation. "Gee!" he stretched luxuriously and pressed the button on top of the Kingface alarm clock. "Oh boy, the day has finally come! I can't wait!" he mused on his way to the dining hall. "Morning, Link," the King gave him his typical greeting. "Munf-Munf? We ran outta Linky-O's. Gwonam has eaten them all." "Problem, guys?" said Gwonam with a smirk, but neither paid any attention to it. "Wow, thanks!" Link dug in enthusiastically, disregarding the strong taste that nearly made his eyes bulge. It was his own fault he let Gwonam beat him to it, after all.

We tend to associate politicians with hypocrisy.


The bathroom is at the end of the hall.

It's now windy.

You need to let me in.

Billie stopped playing the piano as soon as we walked into the room.

It was annoying, as the manager took his team to a near-miss in the tournament.

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Something wrong?

Lorraine is trying to trick you.

Girls are wearing short skirts these days.

He does nothing but read books all day long.

Micah isn't as good at French as he thinks he is.


There are people who don't like spinach.

Kathryn's answer was very evasive.

We usually met at a certain place in the city.


We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.


Push the button.

This hotel can accommodate 100 guests.

I'm sure we can figure it out.

This hat suits me nicely.

Let's sing some old songs.


"As soon as I introduced it to a new companion, my goldfish started to kiss it all over" - "Is it a he or a she ?" - "Dunno" - "It kinda came out, then..."

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With five minutes left to play in the third quarter, the game was stopped because of lightning.


Why is that here?

A man named Slim was killed in that accident.

I lent my umbrella to Sergiu.

I just can't understand it.

All the strikers came out of the building in indignation.

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You are human.

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Northern flying squirrels nest inside trees.

Can I stay here tonight?

Marshall gets up at 6:30.


Rod hated his own name.

Elliott is busy at the stove.

An old wooden box served as table.

This is the plan.

He acceded to my proposal.

Hsi doesn't go to church very often.

Wait just a second.

I want to drink.

They are dancing, intoxicated with the beauty of cherry blossoms.

We ran all the way to the station.

They're not that stupid.


I wonder what she really means.


Could you use my help?


They could not expect to make progress.

He is always friendly to me.

We are going to the shop.

Foreign languages can be hard to learn.

Someone rang the doorbell, it's the maid.


This was not our fault.


I just wish I knew why Kathy wasn't here.


I hope the fog will go away soon.

I wish she could sing as well as you.

She finished her exercises in the given time.


I appreciate everything Vivek has done for us.

Vicki helped the old man cross the road.

Hitler assumed power in 1933.

She said she had met with a traffic accident when she was sixteen.

She's on the verge of dying.

People tomorrow will have different ideas.

Izchak could be in serious trouble.


We do almost everything together.


Agatha is a screenwriter.


I'll only be staying a few days.