He is stronger than I am.

Reading kills time on a train trip.

Heinrich may have done that already.

I think fondly of my childhood.

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Come back in five minutes.

It is admitted that the hotel is the best in this area.

Popes are soft targets, they don't issue fatwas but only bulls.

I suggest you don't let Stacey see you.

Are you over your cold yet?


I want to go there once again.

I'm not going to stay here with you.

The new girl? I don't know her.

The wedding will take place in three months.

Rebecca said that it was a mistake and that he would not do it again.

I couldn't think of anything to say.

Do you speak like the Italians?

Santa wasn't sure he liked the plan.

Let's have a try.


Let me cut the carrots.

Joon swims as fast as Jack.

It may occur at any moment.


I got there just in time.

I once hoped that my mother would survive until I got married.

They're not here yet.

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Please write down your name here.

Not only the students but also their teacher wishes for holidays.

She's a terrible driver.


I would like to propose a toast on your birthday.


Alberto was arrested for drunk driving.


Sushi sounds good, but I'd rather eat Thai food.

I knew Simon would try to convince Tammy not to go.

They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.

The long spell of hot weather withered up the plants.

These streets see more and more outbreaks of vigilante violence.

I will never do it again.

I'm in complete agreement with everything he said.

We bought the man's house.

That is a criminal offense, and you will surely be punished!

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Maybe I'm just hearing things.


Volcanic peaks have always captured the human imagination.

Werner was an artist.

He doesn't like any sport.

Scott told me to stay away from there.

Pleased to meet you. I am an anteater.

Raul grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

It doesn't get any better than this.


Jock drives some sort of little white convertible.

Japan's army was very powerful.

I am going to let her do as she likes.

Glenn cleaned the toilet.

Happy fourth of July!

I made Dan leave his suitcase behind.

Elwood noticed the bracelet on Shawn's arm.


Haven't you got a cheaper edition?

I add examples to Tatoeba in many languages.

His words fall on deaf ears.

Adopting the new policy was the best thing this company ever did.

We heard a cry from above.

Have you been in here this whole time?

This company's stock closed at 932 yen yesterday.

First and foremost, you need to figure out why you're here.

There is a lake on the east of the village.

Five years have gone by since my father died.

Alfred might not want to help us.

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Give me all the money.

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There were hundreds of ticks in its fur.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis were invited to a Christmas party at a hotel one year.

You'd better hurry up.


Pat began to undress.


How soon will you be ready?

I'm getting a bit confused.

Let's speak Vabungula and Yuelami!

I know what you told us.

Her behaviour just isn't socially acceptable.

Put this stamp on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.

I'm sure it will all work out fine.


Aha, Bancus, I thought that the boat for carrying you were in fact sail-powered.

Finally, I have the house all to myself. Party time!

Jane and Shakil are playing catch in the front yard.

Don't touch your wound.

No, he is my friend, Doctor Watson.

He doesn't want to study today.

Why would Philippe have done that?

You should talk to Uri.

Tell us why you killed them.

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I want to make sure you're going to be all right.


Why would Matti lie about something like that?

He cleared the road in front of his house of snow.

I think you should go to Gideon's funeral.


Nobody had to tell me. I already knew.

Kathy is as incompetent as Michael.

He replaced the bell with a light.

Give me time to give you everything I have!

We'll wait for her.

You are not an advocate.

We need exercise.


I will testify.

The nurse took his temperature.

In the valley, the violets came out early.

Why did you lie to me?

Kuldip is the real problem.

Was Shakil the one who beat you up?

I don't know exactly when Terry plans to get here.

Songs and poems were written about him.

Sue's hands are always well-manicured.

What you said is also true of this case.

He is at home.


Stacey is discouraged.


I respect elderly people.

Are you just going to stand there like a lemon?

Joanne is shaking hands with the manager.

I can't do without coffee after meals.

The events unfolded just as she predicted.


Mitch takes everything too seriously.


My father's sister's husband is my uncle.


You're good with women.


Do you guys want to play a game?


Ken Takakura wasn't used to his new job.


We still have some work to do.

He didn't write me back.

These are the trees on the leaves of which silkworms live.


She cleaned the room, and ran errands.

They set to work at once.

Did you go to see Martin?

Yes, I went yesterday.

Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.


Are you sending me one of your photos in private?


He did not agree.

What are the world's three most frequently performed operas?

The clothes horse is always in the way!

I'm going to fix you up with Vladimir.

What a misfortune that your father has died, my child. Unfortunately, I can do nothing to help you.

Life was never meant to be easy.

This watch is ten minutes slow.

Let's go meet Mahesh.

I thought you came to see them.

Do you want to have another beer?

He's desperately trying to make up for the delay.


We swam for a few hours.


Do you want to tell the jury what happened?

The question is what can we do to help.

He arrived at nine in accordance with a prearranged plan.

They're going to consider it a great injustice.

For that reason, he lost his job.

Edith was happy to see Jennie.

I have a sewing machine, but I rarely use it.

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"Kyoto" is an anagram of "Tokyo."

I don't know why I just did that.

Where can I go to get a map of Europe?

Blaine never took his eyes off Juan.

Why should I take the time to do that?

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How much do the transmission rights come to?

Vijay died before the ambulance arrived.

The manager wants to improve the company's structuring.

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You have three minutes to surrender.

The audience showed their impatience with a stamping of feet.

Her eyes were red from crying.

We were witnesses of the accident.

I lifted one up.

Why are you telling us this?

Everyone knows what they have to do, right?

He ate chicken, along with salad and rolls.

The early bird gets the worm.