Devon always tries to help others.

He did what he had been told; otherwise he would have been scolded.

I agree with you absolutely.

He didn't have time to spend with his children.


He took great pains in the negotiation.

I have a free spirit.

That was evident.

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She did it easily.


I think that computers can help students use more effective study methods.


He wants an iPad 4.

Just stay objective.

The government deprived him of all his rights.

Now, my boy, times have changed.

Who exactly is responsible?

Loren had expected to win the race.

You are annoying.

Steve got Heidi to take him to the zoo.

Alexander knew me.

I admire your confidence.

I habitually use smokeless tobacco as substitute for cigarettes because of health reasons.

Kiss the fifth man from the left.

Why did you come home so late?


She picked out the best of all the jewels in the shop.

Is gas available in this neighborhood?

The teacher put a short comment on each paper.

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Paola isn't decisive.

We need to meet with Lance.

Pia begged me to go with her.

I assume that's the reason Jingbai isn't here.

He bore criticism with great indulgence.

You're a bad liar.

He had discovered a new star.

That's just how he is.

Maybe Sekar won't be at today's meeting.

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I got you a little present.

How many bowls do we have?

Trevor will be sleeping by the time we get there.

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Nobody can stop me from talking to Boyce.

Have you seen them recently?

Do you have any race shirts in extra small?

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Dwight ought to know better at his age.

The leaves of the trees began to turn red.

Horror movies frighten me.


He used the word in a good sense.

I already have an envelope.

I'm in Boston now.

Frances fell from the boat and was lost.

There seems to be no end to the number of young people committing suicide these days.

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I feel very sick.


Tandy wouldn't agree with this.

That makes everything simpler.

Does Terry still have feelings for Amos?


Luke explained how the system worked.

She is saving money to go abroad.

Peter always looks nice.


I will be over tomorrow if you like.

The glacier moves slowly.

The old castle lay in ruins.

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They have different priorities.


Norman chewed his lip.

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Syed believes whatever I say.

That was a delicious meal.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

I recommend it a lot.

I was very moved by that play.


How many times have you been to Europe?

I want to find out what happened.

I don't want Lorenzo to see me naked.

She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

Have you seen Christophe around?

I got back to Boston early this morning.

This cloth is very thick.


I'd like to take a short break.

The number of Europeans who visit Thailand every year is very large.

We're free right now, but we've got a meeting in a half-hour.

My classmates are pathetic. They have studied for four years and yet they can't conjugate verbs! The only student who can speak well is not in the class anymore.

None of us could see it.

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I do not mind.


We need to stick together.

A small forest fire quickly spread and became a huge conflagration.

We're particular.

The mayor provided me with an identity card.

This is my daughter's school.

I've been trying to make an effort to come here more often.

Martin was the driver of the car that crashed into the supermarket on Park Street.

This doesn't entirely rule out another possibility.

What did you expect Angus to buy?

I'll never ever forget you.

I trained really hard.

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I have a bad pain in my back.

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He couldn't take another step.


The patient may pass away at any moment.

Karen hasn't said a thing all day.

Kate spread the cloth over the table.

We have run out of strawberries.

Flowers die without water.

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We speak French.

What did you feed the dog?

Vinod has been up since dawn.


You'll have to row the boat, too.

They must have failed through lack of enthusiasm.

I can make this quick.

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I don't know where to put this.

What's that mean exactly?

How long is the future?

I swore off drinking only to start again the next week.

She transferred the picture in the book to her notebook.

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A cloud floated across the sky.

I thought Christopher and Novorolsky would hit it off.

I've had the same problem myself.


She lives paycheck to paycheck.

Jim probably knows why the meeting was postponed.

Money does not smell.

He advanced on me fiercely.

We could do it together.


Is Borneo an island or a continent?

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I have to stay home and take care of Suwandi.


Kinch certainly is full of energy today.


Poor communication and selfishness is a toxic combination which few marriages can survive.


We just have to work very hard.

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Jitendra was kind enough to make tea for us.


Rakhal, I'm happy for you.

Prolong the agony.

I love this album.

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There's nothing like cottage cheese.

He is a complete monarch.

I have no memory of what happened.

It will be a surprise!

Are you in pain?


Everybody likes you.


Thank you for coming with me.


The wood was very dark, and she could not help trembling from fear.

I'll be back in a few months.

Shyam did it the old way.

You'll be lucky to find something to eat around here.

I wonder where my wallet could be.

People liked him all the better for his faults.

What tempted him to propose to her?

That music always reminded me of you.

The air felt a little cold.

Rathnakumar went to talk to Christian as soon as the period ended.

He was just as excited as she was.

Don't let him eat it.

I know the girl.

The train is twenty minutes behind time.

We met in Xi'an.

The book is violet.

Soon you'll be convinced that I'm right.

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Honey is made from nectar, not pollen.

Oliver seldom writes to his parents.

I have a daughter who's married to a Frenchman.

Our plane took off from Narita two hours late, so we missed our flight in Hong Kong.

Hang in there.

She is too young to understand that her father died.

The terrorist attack in Paris has shocked the world.

I'm sorry I was so rude to your sister.

In the evening my pigeon returned to me wounded seriously.

Tal wondered why many people in America think that baseball is more interesting to watch than soccer.

Do you work there, too?