We're sensitive.

Francisco tried to leave.

There were no other injuries.

Elliot spent the night at a friend's house.

You have him there.

You should double-check that.

This letter bears a foreign stamp.

Is your mother here?


They exchanged greetings.

You should have been more careful with your health.

Per usually keeps his promises.


Spock opened the front door.

There is a stone in my shoe.

And, to top it all off, he can read Hebrew.

I cannot hang a picture in my office. It's forbidden.

German forces attacked British soldiers near Amiens, France.

Either Jim or I have to tell her about it.

Whips can have one or many tails.


It takes a long time to convert.

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He has no friends to fall back on.

I don't like your band's name. I think that it's stupid.

Celeste found my bike.

You should read a book like the one he is reading now.

The length of our stay there will be one week.

Ramsey was sweating.

Here you go, the bill.

Laurence was attracted to Piete.

Heinrich doesn't seem to like me.

Can she do it?

Their divorce came as a complete surprise.


The coach told the players not to eat too much before the game.


As soon as I've finished doing that, I'll help you.

I saw a man with a red hat.

Roman had a little lamb.

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Excuse me for being dressed like this.

I'll come back to Japan tomorrow.

Down came a shower of rain.

Do not set the console other than in the vertical or horizontal position.

My father has a personality disorder.

I used to listen to the radio very late at night.

We have a very small, plain house.

I want you to do it at once.

My grandmother lives in the country.

Kim rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

Your efforts are futile.


I was freaked out.

Where do they do that at?

I need help in here.

Look at this picture again.

How do you build something as big as that on the sand?

Do you have a timetable?

A major is above a captain.

I'm pretty much done.

We saw him on the beach.


Hans pulled Josip out of the mud.

Rolfe doesn't like men who make less than $100,000 a year like Clark.

It is too easy a task for him.

Please tell me what kind of cooking this is.

We all know you're smart.


I do not have a red cent to my name.

Pierce and Marion don't live together.

He would give you the shirt off his back.

Len threw an egg at Jos.

Lisa wants Jennie to say that she needs him.

Finally, he lost his temper.

Could you do me a favor and wait until tomorrow morning?

Kikki handed a cocktail to Cathrin.

Sit down.

Cliff was nice enough to carry my suitcase for me.

Had I said something stupid?

You need not worry about her.

Shadow wouldn't share his secret recipe with me.


A lot of people deflect praise that comes their way, because they don't know how to handle it.


Recovery was almost impossible.


Aren't you ashamed of the way you behaved?

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I'd like to stay here until Marsh gets back.

Lying is shameful.

I will go along with you as far as the station.

It is surprising that they should have a second house in the United States.

Pleasure doing business with you.

You should always do your best.

Would you open the trunk?


This team rocks!

'Radioactivity' is a chemistry term.

He is out for promotion.

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I still need to go to Pudong at 12:30.

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What I want to know is how did you do that.

Who notified him?

In England in the Middle Ages, whole towns played football on certain holidays, sometimes with as many as 500 players at one time.


There are few men who don't know that.

Yumi went to the park to play tennis.

Is Mike off the bottle?

She asked me if I would be free next Sunday.

Ozan really is happy to be here.

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Vidhyanath! Answer me! I know you're in there, and I know you can hear me.

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They looked really happy.

Malus didn't know anything about Rodney.

The mayor dropped a bombshell at the news conference.

I finally found something worth doing.

My driver's license will expire next week.

I regret that this all happened.

A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.


Experts will now pore over the fine print of the contract.

I haven't seen the description.

Rusty certainly can't expect to live with us.


The significant point as regards the segregation problem is to clarify the value system of each group.

Let me see your driver's license.

We don't want anyone to find us here.

I can't keep myself from laughing anymore.

We need apples, oranges, bread and peanut butter from the supermarket.

The eagle is the queen of the winds.

Guy didn't know because I never told him.

Alf said that he doesn't care.

Many people attended Kari's funeral.

I am learning to play the guitar now.

She told me his name after he had left.


Give me a minute, OK?

You will have to go without her.

That is wet.

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Something terrible happened here.

Let's get back to Boston where we belong.

Few people are able to understand his theories.

Do you want your whiskey straight or should I mix it with water?

Isn't it nice?


Stephen didn't let Miki play with the other children.

People in those days already knew that the earth is round.

Shadow and Vic are both very talented.


Arnold gave Vickie a watch.


She likes all the dresses he bought for her, old and new.

Whatever we may decide must be approved by the committee.

That certainly won't be easy.

Do you want to see my scar?

I have been a keyboardist at a local band for three years.

The funeral of the popular young sports star cut down in his prime was heart wrenching.

Hunter made a point of visiting me.

Please pack the disks and hard copies into the briefcase.

She refuses to say what happened.

We have to talk Jin out of this.

Toby has a beautiful smile.


You were bluffing, weren't you?

We require your help.

We can't just let them go.

He heard a noise from the kitchen.

We're stretched a little thin.

Your words made him feel much better.

I'm almost finished reading this book.

Why don't you let us go with you?

I need you to control yourself.

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Tell me what you have.

How's Jordan?

Let me come over.

She is the love of my life.

This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.

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Contact her.

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She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.

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Cory is reading a novel.

I'll tell them this afternoon.

I need her to vouch for me.

That is a pencil.

Sassan sent me a Christmas gift.

I'm quite certain that's the truth.

Brett didn't go upstairs.


He seems not to agree.

Take us there, Marshall.

Does anybody want a pizza?

Are you saying there were problems?

We really need to talk to Brodie now.