You are now on the way to recovery.

Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each similar to our sun.


The weatherman says there is a storm on the way.

A drunk went swimming and nearly drowned.

I very much don't want to have to do that.

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I'm glad we talked.


They love sunsets.

If you buy this, I will give you a fifteen percent discount.

Is there the subtitled version?

How is Torsten Jr.?

Put the bracelet on.

His house is a tumbledown affair.

Albert and Raanan talked about the trip.

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I definitely need some more money.


That doesn't sound very exciting.

Tuna knows how to operate practically any mode of transportation.

The mistake hastened his retirement.


Norm was a hero.

Is it useless to argue?

I almost died.

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I have no idea why I was chosen.

I'll explain it to him.

I want to do this as quickly as I can.


It takes about twelve minutes for the Space Shuttle to pass over the continental United States from California to New York. A Shuttle trip around the world takes only ninety minutes.

What do you want me to help you with?

I thought you were seeing someone else.


Jeffie started to sit where he usually sits, but Kerry asked him to sit somewhere else.

Why didn't you give Ellen the money he asked for?

I got Heather to mend my shoes.


They're new.


Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.

Streaking was popular back in the 70s.

I made you a pair of mittens.

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He dropped out of high school.

Who was this done by?

Newton became interested in mathematics after buying a book at a fair and not understanding the math concepts it contained.

I think you've been trying to make me angry.

The student shot five of his classmates and then turned the gun on himself.

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We want to find Murph.


What do you feel now?


He would be paid a small amount of money.

I don't know why the baby is crying.

What is the price?


Fritz has some serious doubts.

Soohong wouldn't tell me his girlfriend's name.

She has her period.

I need light plates because today my family is going to eat lunch in the park.

Will you tell him I called?


It made me smile.

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Morton got on a bus for Boston.


Tell them to stop staring at us.


Noam will be home soon.

Dieter says he doesn't want to study French.

He is walking towards the station.

The engine is working normally.

We saw it happen.

Debbie wanted revenge.

You think you're the best, don't you?

Everybody says I look like my father.

We don't have insurance.


It was a weird feeling.


He avoided his eyes from me.


Please leave everything to me.

Don't go to illegal meetings.

It was yesterday evening when it began to rain.

Those were some seriously smooth moves out there on the dance floor!

I must go, it's late!

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He is unconscious of his bad manners.

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I thought we could put a sign in the window.

I made a deal with her.

I like that twisted look on his face.

Dimetry shook his fists in frustration.

Prices depend on supply and demand.

They precisely translated the following sentence:

Both parties took a step towards a solution.

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The rains entered a lull.

That picture will amuse you.

We estimate the damage at one thousand dollars.

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Don't get mad at us.

Luis Leal was a Mexican-American writer.

The girl was in her best.

The house caved in.

I don't personally know Shel.


We talked a lot about health.


There's a lot of mess to clear up.

I don't think that she knows Hebrew.

There must be somebody else up here.

The incident was etched in his memory.

Do you believe in astrology?


I just want to see them.

This road leads to the river.

What would I do without her?

Your home is a mess.

He used to go out at night.


Keep taking this antibiotic until it is gone.

Do you know why no one likes Jingbai?

I am the executive director of the museum.

If you need help, just ask.

Ramsey wasn't sure they would renew his visa.


Janet seldom speaks to Herve.

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She gave him a lot of money.

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2012 was the second most extreme year on record for the nation.

I'm proud to be an Italian.

I got up an hour ago.


Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

Rainer told us it was an old ship.

I'm afraid I differ with you on this point.

I've decided to accept your proposal.

Len thought it would be a good idea if Margie got a gun.

Is that all you want to say?

The workman, as a rule, works eight hours a day.

I think that would be good.

What time did he get there?

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I'm going to go change my clothes.

What's your daughter's name?

He is one of Spain's most famous authors.

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It never rains, but it pours.


All the buses are full.

The teacher has a loud, clear voice.

This is a bus which goes to Tokyo.

Time Ark develops that container and makes it so that you will be able to use Second Origin.

Luis's hands were tied behind his back.

Do you believe in eternal life?

Among the Internet sites that publish information on education related businesses are those given below.

I'm not supposed to tell you.

All of us know him well.


I submit that it would constitute a very dangerous precedent.

The guard was on duty all night.

Sydney is far from here.

What was his reaction to this news?

Don't be too hard on yourself.

You have time.

You just have to want to do it.

We were very careful.

Leave it alone!

Chavacano is a Spanish-based creole language.

He cared for his mother after his father died.

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For safety purposes, remove the plastic casing before use.


Denis and Norm were about to leave when John arrived.

He wanted to swim across the river, but he failed.

Arne warned Hwa that his mother was a gossip who would repeat anything told to her in confidence.


They could be anywhere by now.

I stopped by Leo's house on my way home.

We're sophisticated.


I drove downtown to meet them.


It's best to stay away from Tiefenthal.

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Both were silent, because there are some emotions that can only be expressed by remaining silent.

Can we interview Marlena?

Moses was a bitter old man who was sick of life.


Excuse me. What time is it?

I bet you know French.

Once in a while, he leaves his umbrella in the train.