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Hohn got down on his knees.


Did you two break up?


Did you request a seat by the window?


Is the world getting better, or worse?

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You're wrong about this.

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It was very wise of her to choose the other one.

You can't get both.

I see some fishing boats on the horizon.


We just want to buy enough for three people.

That's why you got the promotion.

"That's pretty much a cookie-cutter RPG." "An RPG where you cut cookies? How silly is that?"

That was lovely.

Where are they going?

I'm not contradicting them.

I don't think that was your fault.

Lucy will definitely get married to the pop singer.

Is Everett taller than Shadow?


He's sick and was hospitalized.

May I hang up your coat?

I don't remember much about that.


The day is gray and there is much snow in the mountains.

Who is your favourite director

You shouldn't judge others on how they look.


Does John know why he's coming here?

I wish Marcel would just resign.

Because there are a lot of volcanoes, it is easy for Japan to be hit by earthquakes.

The administration makes important decisions.

Why pay when you can get it for free?

There's something I don't get.

Loyd never forgave himself for hurting Elizabeth the way he did.

I'd like to discuss the following at the meeting.

Shaw is a mathematician.

Stuart is babbling, isn't he?

Dick talks as if he knew everything.

Is he a hardworking student?

There's an easy solution.


Elijah gave a low moan.

They don't make them like that anymore.

You shouldn't read such useless books.


What else has Tai got?

Call security!

I never get to do anything by myself.

Loyd waited even longer than I did.

Sakura's way of speaking gets on my nerves.


You said almost all of your friends were Canadians.


I forgot to tell you about her.


They say that that man has a master key which opens all the doors of the city.

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Seth said he wanted to watch a little TV.


He is the enfant terrible of Hollywood.

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Kurt doesn't know who to turn to.

You have changed your name to please them, but these racists are gonna also ask you to change the color of your skin. Can you do that?

That's not an issue anymore.

I don't like you going out with my daughter.

The session will be prolonged again.

Ssi likes to wear brightly colored orange pants.

That was the very beginning.

The scar is healing.

Everything's been easy for us.

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Is that so surprising?

I thought I was imagining things.

My car is being fixed now.


She kicked her daughter out of the house.

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I can teach you if you want.

Ravi helped save me a few bucks by telling me about a cheaper place to buy one.

What do you owe us?


Bradford told Marci that she was the fattest woman he'd ever seen.

Guests arrive, carrying a net or basket.

I didn't know you were married.

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He has got cancer.

This doesn't affect him at all.

Don't bring bad luck.


The ESA put a satellite into orbit.


They are cutting loose.


It smells like something's burning.


He was made a fool of by his neighbors.

I found your house with difficulty.

The gust of wind rose suddenly.

You look fine, Srivatsan.

I asked Luc to stop pounding on the wall.


Do you have any problem with Marilyn staying with us for a few weeks?

Putting my traveling experience to good use, I started a travel agency.

Let's try and get Jiri out of here.


Felix's father told me he was a doctor.


Galileo was the first person to look at the Moon through a telescope.

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Please don't touch the ice with bare hands.


Children, it's time for you to come home!

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He's a riot!

The decision has not yet been made.

Sal is a man of action.


I don't see why we had to buy all the food.


I heard the bell.

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He usually takes a walk, book in hand.


I like what I've seen so far.

I didn't come here for her.

That's where you come in.


A detailed report will be sent you by next mail.

"What do you think?" "Well, I'm for it."

His popularity is falling.


I don't hang out with him.

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The official we discharged of his obligations.

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We have a wide choice of books.

You need to put some ice on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

He's out of practice.

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What do you need today?


Linda was pregnant at that time.

Does the room feel cold to you?

Did they find anything?


Look someplace else.

Sorrel disappeared into the restaurant.

It looks like they really hurt you as a child.


They're paid to do that.


I have a co-worker who's so peevish and unpleasant that we call her Little Miss Sunshine behind her back.

Mike lost the bet.

They can't start without me.

I've been waiting years for this.

You can see me in the morning.


This submarine can operate in the most hostile conditions on the planet.

Do what needs to be done.

He worked hard, year in, year out.

Raman is holding a bouquet of flowers.

Floyd forgot to bring his camera.

Rajesh bought a book yesterday and gave it to Vicki.

Barrio didn't believe that Rees was capable of doing such a thing.


We've been looking for you.

She's trying on a coat.

Oh my God, it's my house!

Shaw and Tharen were the only ones that were left.

Mother yanked the bedclothes off Hiroshi.

I'm chubby.

She can come.

When did the accident take place?

Galen is a limo driver.


Buildings have several floors.

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I want you to buy a new suit to wear to your job interview.

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Lum got killed.

The principal came in after the teacher.

The students promised to uprise if that substitute ever returned.

We know it was you that took Doyle's umbrella.

It's just not possible.


I blush to think of such conduct.


We need to repaint the barn.


Ramesh wouldn't let me date his daughter.

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The post office is closed today.

I can't understand why he did that.

You're fifteen minutes early.