Cathryn wanted to cut down that tree in his front yard, but Dorian doesn't want it cut down.

Could you wake me up when Sean gets here?

Karen suspected that Darrell had cheated on the test.

Did Sanity say what the meeting would be about?

This doesn't look like yours.

I've a lot to think about these days.


Why is that a good idea?

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You look fine, Miki.

Do you have breakfast at home?

They are investigating the mystery of the universe thoroughly.

Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?

I have some things I have to do.

A friend of mine came to see me.

I know how persuasive Joubert can be.


Could you let him out?

These are perfect.

"So, that's what happened to Izumi's squirrel?" "Yes, in a nutshell."


Does this metal absolutely have to be tempered?

Why are Daniele and Sangho laughing?

"What do you think of the election for mayor?" "I don't know."

Oh no. What happened?

I should be thanking Myrick.

How did you get Henry to do it?

Revised was really upset.


I'll buy Laurent that pony he's always bugging me for.


You've really been a great help.

He did it with great zeal.

There is no antidote for the venom of this snake.


I think Cindie is likely to be late.

You're irresistible.

How can I unsend an email?

Pablo wants to lead a life worth living.

Tell them it's urgent.

We've been here for a while.

Sometimes people make wrong decisions.

Why are you in your bathrobe?

How far is an Irishman from a drunkard? The breadth of the table.

People called him a philosopher.

Victor tells me everything.

I ran across the field.

Stan and Sridhar both got out of the car.

What can I do if you think that way about me?

She has a double-barrelled name.

You can't get in without your key anyway, so you may as well come to have supper with us.

Lynne had to get a cholera shot.


Mickey is somewhere in the park.

Millie has a dog.

The town is always crawling with tourists.

Some things are never forgotten.

My flight back to Boston leaves in three hours.

Which room do you want me to clean first?

Charleen was in Boston last weekend.


She was indignant when I said she was lying.

That really doesn't seem possible.

Have you registered yet?


A basketball team consists of five players.

You have to leave immediately.

That's what I love about him.

Bolas are made up of a long cord with two stone balls at the free ends.

I have a few tickets in row 15.

I'm pretty sure Pierre's unhappy.

I thought you said you were going to buy me a drink.


Some mistakes can be ignored.

I felt the house shaking terribly.

Gigi couldn't remember where he'd first met Tyler.


There are seventeen ravens.

Urs, we have a problem.

Do you spend more time at home or at work?

What's the air temperature today?

All was calm.

Can I borrow your cellphone, please?

I could do with some help.

I imagine that you are wondering when your new PC will arrive.

My father has been doing this job for twenty years.

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Bobby is struggling.

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He went to Britain to deepen his knowledge of the culture.

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I know you have an essay to write.


It's dangerous to jump off a moving train.

Some people blame poverty for crime.

Everyone, follow me.

We are at school together.

Graeme was wearing a black robe.

Arthur is one of the students that redid their year.

Don't give it to him. Give it to me.

It costs an arm and a leg.

The first sip taken from the cup of science turns you into an atheist, but God is waiting for you at the bottom of the cup.


The whole town was amazed.

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Taro speaks English better than me.

We elected him mayor.

I won't do that unless you want me to.

What time yesterday was the concert?

No suicide note was found.

This is a man worthy of respect.

You're wasting water.


He stayed there a couple of days.

There are about 1 million millionaires in Germany.

I'll move the solar panel from the balcony to the roof in due course.

I never promised anybody anything.

Charleen very often takes a nap for an hour after lunch.


Thierry did what he could to help.

Quality trumps quantity.

We have to make a plan.

You've been late for school more often than before.

You're a bad liar.

China is a major economic power, with one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Before I go to Paris for work, I need to improve my French.

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Claire has lots of things to tell Allan.


The room is shrouded in smoke.

The bank needs your signature.

You never told me that before.

Moe looked really worried.

I want to tell everyone.

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You gave me something to live up to.

Why don't you give up?

I'll answer for this man's honesty.

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You're a brave person.

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I am at a loss for what I have to say.


Big brother, you've got a bad fever?! Never mind the bags, rest in the shade of those trees!

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Could you do the dishes, please?

Leonard told me about this place.

I'm saving the best for last.


She smiled at the sight of her mother.

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Earth has mountains, forests, fields, animals and people.

The church is still standing. Everything else was destroyed.

He was a benevolent old man who volunteered to mow his neighbors' lawns for free.

Dalton bought himself a sport car.

It is necessary that you attend the meeting.


None of this was my fault.


Roland isn't the type of person who does things like that.

The sight struck me with wonder.

Tennis is difficult. I never know which way the ball is going to fly.

Amedeo is heading home.

She made cookies for the children.

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Neil wouldn't let me look at his photo album.

Have a drink while you're waiting.

If you want to eat at Raffle's, you must reserve weeks ahead.

"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I've just begun."

What makes you think the Middle East is more important than the great deserts of Australia?

Take a seat!

I felt dumb.

Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

I've done as you've asked.

You should've seen them dance.

I believe in rising early.

Everything is getting worse.

Did Thomas spill something again?


We're trying to locate her.

Tandy has many good qualities.

This is it. It's over!

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There were mistakes made.

If there's anything at all that you don't understand, you can ask me anytime.

We had our photo taken by him.

When does No.4 bus arrive?


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Did I miss something?

Her mother knocked on the door.

Dinner is probably ready by now.

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Dan helped Linda with her essay.

The city hall is just around the corner.

The detective has a lot of adventures.


No, I'm not sleepy.

To activate the faucet, just wave your hands under the spout and the motion detectors will start the water flowing.

I just might take you up on that offer.