The man said something to the driver in a weak voice.

When I went to bed on the evening of November 27, I picked up my blind cat and said to her, "You and me, we're alone in this world." But two days later, my blind cat died, and I've remained completely and utterly alone.

Please don't do this to me.

Robin was wearing a vintage T-shirt.

Straka persuaded Cristopher to go to the party with him.

You can't read too many books.

We haven't been able to find out why we weren't allowed to enter that building.

We have what we deserve.

She is prudish.

We won't get off this island alive.


You must give me 500 dollars right now.


Lindsay helped Clara wash the dishes.

Helen has a secret admirer.

I want to kill somebody.

Where are you taking him?

I'll be the one helping him, not you.

Look at the boy and his dog that are coming this way.

How long will the flight time be?


Hillel doesn't really like Duke.

Her mother's death was a blow to the little girl.

I had a race with Cecilia.

Trying wasn't able to swim.

We arrived two days ago.

He stood in front of me.

George actually held the door open for Mahesh.

It's a long journey.

Earnie went window-shopping.

It's better than nothing.

Tigger was stretched out on the floor.


I don't know what to open it with.


The beefsteak tasted marvelous.

We've got all night.

Even after I went to bed, I was conscious of the voices in the parlor.

He felt perfectly content.

Briggs wants to donate money.


Do you remember what time Tim said he'd be here?

Maybe you should leave me alone.

Don't you talk back to me.

I thought Surya would find that interesting.

On the whole, I think your plan is a very good one.

What's the minimum salary in Brasil?

You'll take care of that.

I was looking downward to the bottom of the valley.

Masanao is patting his dog.

That's not my wife.

A person named Itoh wants to meet you.

They are merely different.

Don't be late!

What horrible weather!

I believe I can help you find Miki.

In addition to mathematics, physics and astronomy, Newton also had an interest in alchemy, mysticism and theology.

My opinion really doesn't matter.

I'll keep an eye on Mitch for you.

Lonhyn's grades have been slipping, so he really needs to hit the books.

He misses his father.

"I told you, I like to be alone." "So do I! Let's do it together!"


Your ignorance is a byproduct of your arrogance.

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I'm not going to complain.

That's not a bad start.

Every student trusts Mr Akai because he never breaks his word.

We call it the Evening Star.

Erm, may I stay here?


Are you deleting the comments?

He is a good carpenter.

I don't have sons.


You must not come in contact with him.

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It's only a matter of time before Dale gets into trouble again.


The water was turned on.

I can't make any more mistakes.

We should've both stayed awake.

I like the kind of music that Skef writes.

The taxi guy wanted to rip me off.

Why don't you do something about the situation?

He tried to help her.

She waved good-bye to me.

Tatoeba: the only place where the use of different apostrophes is controversial.

I bought an ancient lamp.

Someone should tell Jeffrey.

The baby was crying in bed.

Calcium is not an alkali metal.

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Do you know where I can find it?

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He went to America to study medicine.

The decayed tooth came out on its own.

Mott waved at Bryan from the helicopter.

Sigurd can understand you.

I thought Daniel would like Donovan.

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During the bubble, people dreamt of a life of leisure.

Gabriel may have already left for Boston.

Wait, don't shoot at each other!


Charley certainly deserves our gratitude.


I have the feeling that my French isn't getting much better.

Dawn treats me like a princess.

Sanche got off the bus.

He won re-election twelve times.

Thank you for choosing us.

The teacher's pronunciation is almost perfect.

Give me a room near the elevator.

Josip says it's hard to explain.

It's getting darker little by little.

His laziness is a bad omen for the future.

I've been where you are right now.

That helps out a lot.

Take my hand. We'll build a utopia, you and me.


Toby should be home now.


I spend a lot of time listening to music.


I hope to see you there.

They argued that the earth is round.

It was interesting and amusing.

She's such a warm and noble person.

Wit gives zest to conversation.


The post office is just across from the bank.

I saw him but once.

We both are friends.

The magician had the children's attention.

They seemed OK.

Shallow are the souls that have forgotten how to shudder.

You're the one I've been dreaming of.

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I just wish I could sleep.

That's all I can tell you for now.

The four of us went out on a double date.


That's a waste of my talents.

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The girls danced in the gym.

He checked his mailbox.

Mechael was uncertain how to react.

Adoption for gay and lesbian parents remains a hotly contested issue in the United States.

I don't keep secrets from Morris.

When he thinks, he scratches his head.

Be the change you want to see in others.

I think you are my best friend.

Strange as it may sound, this is true.

It is believed that there is no life on Mars.

The boy wears mittens during cold weather.


Kevyn said a lot of things.

Not in there.

I don't know what I'm going to do with her.

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I handed the mike to Raghu.

Tell him to try harder.

I like eating Kumul melons.

His comment hit below the belt.

Mac sat at his desk doing some paperwork.


As soon as he arrived, he demanded a meal.

Did Neal seem happy?

Lanny is working on your car.

Is it true that Tatoeba was bought by Google for 1 billion dollars?

It's too smoky here for me.


I find it difficult to put up with him as he's such an overbearing control freak!

Don't touch my guitar.

Predictably, I crashed and burned.

I just haven't done that yet.

My boss will not say 'yes'.

We can't risk it.

Are you ready to go back?

I think it will be hot today.

Marlena opened the medicine cabinet to see what was there.

This is the word I found in the dictionary.

Religion is the opiate of the masses.

You're persuasive.

There is always a crowd of customers in his shop.

She's learning Esperanto.

I'm confident I can do it.

Where do I need to turn?

Do you still have a key?

What do you think Amir would have said?

When will you arrive?

Once in a while my uncle took me to the harbor.

I'm in good shape.


Liquids are either acid or alkaline.


My husband makes a hundred thousand dollars a year.


Do you want a reconditioned or a remanufactured tote ?