No one was hit.

I need new soles on these shoes.

His eyes fixed on her.

Sedovic turned on the lights.

Frederick hurdled the fence.


He visited Nara by bus.

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Siping may have been the one who did this.


I'll call her and apologize.

The company presented him with a gold watch on the day he retired.

Glen is a well-adjusted, happy child who relates well to her peers.

If you question his sincerity, do not ask for his help.

Why did you ask us for help if you didn't really want us to help?


Who are you to judge me, you piece of shit?

This was easy.

He is less impatient than his father.

Two great civilizations slowly fell into decay.

Someone is calling for help.

There's a waiting list to get on the waiting list.

I have other things I should be doing.


She is getting worse and worse every day.

Be brief, please.

Floria is looking forward to taking some time off.

I felt naked.

Can Catherine get a dog?

Cows supply milk.

It is OK to redistribute the unregistered trial version.


Outside the mainstream of orthodox Judaism, the apocalyptic books were more successful with certain movements.

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We have a bit of time now.


Did I catch you at a bad time?

He's the best man in his field.

You should have listened to him more carefully.

My mother teaches flower arranging.

My friend bought a yellow car.


Dan got a job as a security guard.

Reinhard maxed out his three credit cards and had to take out a high interest loan to pay them off.

I did some crowd slipstreaming behind that tall guy over there.

We've taken a long hard look at your sales-directed communication and decided to buy some of the weed that you smoke.

You'd be perfect for this job.

My parents really love me.

Rich and Srivatsan work really well together.


He is a man of ability.

Izumi cried for help.

You shouldn't see her now.


She chops wood every day.

Please stand at the stairs. This is a prerequisit for me to defend you.

We mustn't burn our forest, because it is the source of the oxygen we breathe.

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Vincent is in pretty good shape.


Let's just go inside.

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You must not get drowned in your sake.

Marek isn't much happier.

My father achieved that and more in four words, which made quoting Shakespeare as effective as any business adviser could wish.

How could you know?

They gave a series of concerts.

The color of her dress and that of her shoes go well together.

Make haste.

What is bullfighting?

I just got bitten by a mosquito.

I'm taking everything with me.

Left outside the freezer, the juice will get warm.


Dan left his daughter Linda with Matt.

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I'm looking for people to speak Esperanto with.

We might not have a choice.

I may be imagining it, but something smells weird.

I think you're making a mistake, Al.

That man is mulatto.


Why don't you take Price?


When you find yourself in a hole, you just have to dig yourself out.

I am sure you have met Svante.

The writer is well known to us.

Vienna is in Austria.

I only need one thing.

May I use that?

Unfortunately, my wife's sick, so we can't come over for dinner.

Should we wait for you?

His joke made all the class burst into laughter.

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

Boyd didn't want to make the same mistake as his sister.

Go fill the ice pack.

That's no longer allowed.

I'm taking Lipitor.

Stacey sounded like he was upset.

When were you going to tell me?

Let's just sit here for a few minutes.

Sidney doesn't feel like cooking.

I love cats so much, I can't help it, I'm a crazy cat lover.

Emotional blackmail is an immoral way of getting people to do what you want them to.

I'm eager to be allowed to do more private-sector investment.

I prefer your eau de vie to your conversation.

Just stop that.

Her husband emerged from his study.

"Our customers are in Taiwan", explained Norma.

I'm just a little busy right now.

I got this book from Pandora.

Weapons are forbidden here.

Victor showed me how to make spaghetti.


A new study has shown that tanning bed use may cause addiction.


What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

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Cristina offered a drink to Roman.


Something's got to give.

Think about your goals.

I don't wear suggestive clothing.

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He got interested in the story.

Fill the bottle with oil, please.

Prove it by experiment.

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The connector road was backed up because of an accident and it took an hour to get home.

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You've made up quite a story there.


I like going to watch baseball.

You want answers to questions that you're not allowed to ask.

Guillermo doesn't deserve a second chance.

It would only be a waste of time.

How did you open the box?

This may be of use to you.

He knows nothing about politics.


I'm doing my best.

I've been subscribing to that magazine for four years.

I thought about the future.

What kind of law does he practice?

Are you prepared to switch from a wooden floor to ceramic tiles?


I didn't understand Jarmo.

Thank you for climbing this tree to help me.

His mother discreetly kept an eye on the boy.

St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most famous and most recognisable sights in London.

Hold on to it.


I never did figure out how to get to Neville's house.


Roxana put a wet towel on Anne's forehead.


The researchers do not know, however, whether the structure of a person's brain determines his or her political beliefs or whether the political beliefs come first and the modified brain structures come later as a consequence of the development of these political beliefs.

The family wants to buy a house.

My brother is good at playing tennis.

They live in a little house.

Giles rented a snowboard.


Frank wishes she had straight hair.

Do you know the secret of a long life?

Not everybody knows about the plan.

I felt hungry after the long walk.

Using Tatoeba you can learn languages.

I feel better when I drink hot lemon juice.

My robot's name is Multi.


The sea came in sight of us as we turned the corner.

They are listening to a concert.

I love her eyes.

We agreed to the plan without qualification.

Nici wants to study abroad.

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I suspect that there was an oversight in the examination.


Dimitry and Oleg are having a difficult conversation.

Somebody's at the porch!

We're out of candy.

Christofer likes to party.

I bought the book which the children need.

A clever student would not do such a thing.

I negotiated the price with him.

Now let's see what happens.

Some people like red wine and some people like white wine.

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We're trying to beat them.

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If he is abroad, he is constantly homesick.

No dream has meaning.

Ginny thinks that she's Edwin's girlfriend, but for Kamiya, she's just a friend.

Where have you been all this while?

Some came by bus, and the others - by train.

Why haven't you done your homework?

The scene lying before us was very beautiful.

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My daughter never fails to write to me at least once a week.