I realize it has been a while since I’ve updated this site. Turns out going to a tech conference is great at getting you daily calls and interviews for your job hunt, and I’ve had to prioritize that over AWS work for a bit. Also, yesterday was my birthday, and I am having people over to my house on Saturday … and my house needs to be ready for that! So that has been time away from AWS. But Monday is going to be donated entirely to working on finishing up the course and starting to deal with the certification. Expect more updating then!

CloudFront and CodeDeploy

I’m working outside of the A Cloud Guru class today!

Reason is that I am at RailsConf today (through Thursday) and am in the DevOps track of the conf today. While here, found out about backing GitHub with AWS, and decided to set that up for my projects. So I now have a nice little CloudFront setup to integrate with my GitHub. I don’t know how long I’ll leave this up and running, I don’t really need to be paying for this part, but it is nice to know that I can do it.

Note: I should thank GitHub for providing my RailsConf ticket in exchange for a brief amount of volunteer time. I am learning a lot here!

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Next up, I’ve been separating out the server for serving the content from the server for writing out the content. Thus, I made an AMI of the original server, then launched it as a new instance. I also set up a new load balancer for the write.gwenix-aws.com site, and am remapping the gwenix-aws.com load balancer to the new instance. This also means some configuration changes to the WP settings as well. This will allow for distributed content delivery for real!


Today I’m setting up my two S3 buckets to back up and control the content on this WordPress site. To the left is a picture of me. If all is going well, you will be grabbing this picture from my S3 bucket via a CDN. This involves setting up aws to sync the data over to the media S3 bucket, and then a .htaccess rewrite to capture the accesses to that media, rewriting the access to come from the CDN of the S3 bucket. I’m floored by how simple this is to do now.

I have another sync set up to back up the entire site to another S3 bucket. Both syncs are run from cron.

On a side note, I have screen running so that I can switch back and forth between screens to get at all of this more easily, and working in cron and .htaccess and httpd.conf and etc has put me back into my happy place.

First step!

My first step here is to create this site. I did it with the direct directions given me by A Cloud Guru, but since I am familiar with WordPress, I am going to leave this up to show what I’m learning.

As of right now, this site is set up using MySQL backend to store the posts, and an EC2 server running the WordPress codepile, with an Application Load Balancer in front, with the gwenix-aws.com domain pointed to that via Route 53. This is all in my default VPC zone, with the DB secured behind a protected Security Group, but the EC2 server has a more open one for web access.

I’ve been finding it interesting to go through the AWS learning, since it really does correlate to what I did when I was a long-time UNIX Admin. Security Groups are firewalls (but without the rule order problems … so far?) and EC2 is … a server, VPC is like a data center, etc etc etc. But being able to put these things up and tear them down so easily is marvelous. I can see why this has become such a standard practice, it really does allow for hardware to be abstracted out, and such things as scaling or taking a new direction with something becomes so much easier.

I have lots of ideas of where I want to go with this too, and hopefully I’ll drag you along with me on this path.


I’m learning AWS. This is my site to track that progress. I’m learning via a course from A Cloud Guru, who I highly recommend.

This site itself is the culmination of their Associate Architect’s Certificate course, but I decided I should keep this around to document my progress.

If you are wondering who I am, you should probably venture over to my 513-579-2715.

** For those of you who don’t know what AWS is, it’s Amazon Web Services, often referred to as “The Cloud”. It’s effectively a virtual data center, like playing with SIMS but for setting up computers, servers, networks….