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At SG Emanuel, we are passionate about creating a 24-7 bond between educators, parents and children using the latest educational technologies with the possible means to provide an experience for high efficacy in children’s learning coupled with quality family time.


We have a vested interest in the use of technology to enhance the overall learning experience of children in their early years. There are 3 primary areas of interest to our approach:


YOUNG PARENTS Young parents often may not know how to put their concerns into words as they may be unfamiliar or inexperienced to notice the lack of quality time spent with their child.
TIME PRESSURES Most parents hurried at drop-off and pick-up times at the childcare centres, resulting in little or no communications with the educators.
DAUNTING TASK It is arduous for educators to face overwhelming number of parents and children and still cater to every need possible.

Our products leverage on technologies and learning frameworks to provide a clear statement of the values, principles and practices that underpin the work of all educators.

We serve both the parents and educators an effective means to communicate on a child's intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth throughout the early years.


Early Learning Framework (ELF)

Unlike traditional developmental domains, ELF enables childcare professionals, educators, families and community to extend and enrich children’s learning, and focuses on what they can achieve rather than what they can’t. It provides opportunities for children to develop a foundation for learning and for children to become successful learners.

Connecting Parents, Educators, Children and Community

- ELF helps to promote children’s learning and development such as balancing intentional curriculum and spontaneity with a sense of purpose and predictability


- ELF provides a means of documenting what educators do in their service especially providing evidence of children making decisions about their own learning and development


- ELF encourages educators to think about what they offer to children and the purpose to their approach, thereby ensuring Consistency from all educators


- ELF is a way of sharing children’s experiences with families and highlights the role of educators


- ELF offers opportunities for educators to reflect on and develop their own practices by careful interpretation  of children's learning and development

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ELF Overview

How does it work?

By using the accessibility and mobility of cloud-based technologies, we aim to increase the efficiency of parents and educators as care-givers to children.


We recognise planning and documenting children’s play and learning are important parts of an educator’s professional role.


Therefore we aim to provide a holistic assessment of children’s learning from various outcomes and experiences gathered at home and in school.


These provide the tools to create a meaningful and responsive curriculum for children. It also enables educators to make children’s learning visible and show evidence of what and how educators promote children’s learning and development.

We will be unveiling our product soon. Subscribe to us and stay-tune to find out more.


To be released on MAC, Windows, Google Play and App Store

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