Did you know?

Without a trust, any firearms you own that fall under the jurisdiction of the NFA and are in your name could go to the government when you die.

If an NFA weapon that is in your name is being used by anyone without you present, they (and you) are in violation of the National Firearms Act, and you can both be prosecuted under federal law.

How it Works sells a Georgia "firearms trust" that is specifically tailored for holding weapons and suppressors that fall under the regulation of the National Firearms Act. Our trusts are created by the law offices of N. Cochran Attorneys at Law, P.C. and backed by the firm's legal malpractice insurance. For $100 you get a trust that is customized to your specifications and backed by our team. It should be notarized by a public notary, and if our office is accessible to you in person, we will notarize the document for you. Our website will store securely your paperwork and provide online capability to manage your trust for your current weaponry and future purchases. You can log into your account and add items to your trust with ease.  You should be aware that from time to time the trust laws of the State of Georgia change.  With your use of you will receive notices that inform you of any necessary changes that may need to be made to your trust, and will provide to you the necessary documentation to effect the changes.

Why Use Us?

You should know that a firearms trust is a legal document—a contract. Many services offer firearms trusts that are not created by attorneys, which means you will have no legal backing for your document. Other services may use documents created by attorneys but specifically state in the "fine print" that neither the service nor the attorneys' malpractice insurances are responsible for their documents—meaning that, again, you have no legal backing for your document. We stand by our trusts as legal documents created and supported by our attorneys. The bottom line is that as your attorneys on the creation of this document, we will stand by it and you as the person behind the trust. In addition, we simplify the creation and updating process for your trust by offering the unique ability to store, access, and update your forms online, which allows you to skip the process of creating by hand an entirely new form each time you purchase new weaponry.