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The correct immunization process has always been important among Heathcare Institutions. Some regions of the however, it has become extremely important in the last months after the outbreak of Yellow Fever that we experience and now the H1N1. The huge queues found in cities at risk point to the need to rethink the model of purchase, storage, distribution and application of these vaccines, especially in times of crisis.

The Immunization Card is a proof of concept of a virtual vaccination card that records all the vaccines that a citizen must take throughout life.

Integrated with a vaccine inventory and distribution control system, it allows the Health Institution to monitor those with delayed doses and the future need for a given vaccine with great precision.

Based on the vaccination protocol of the Ministry of Health the app presents a schedule with all the vaccines that should be applied.

With all the vaccines registered in the Vaccination Card - GoLedger the citizen has no more doubts about whether or not to go to the health clinic to take a vaccine.