Hi, I'm peacocklike

I'm a full-stack developer living in Boston, MA.

*full-stack meaning I really enjoy writing Rails, Elixir, React (Native), and sometimes HTML & (S)CSS.

July 2017
#android #ios #javascript #mobile #react

Leaving the comfort of the React Native ecosystem and embracing the native frontier with Bluetooth Low Energy.

March 2016

Ship faster by starting simple.

January 2015
#ember #rails

Migrate an Ember application from Ember-Rails to Ember CLI.

February 2014
#elixir #erlang

A quick comparison of Elixir and Erlang and why Elixir should be the next language you try out.

July 2013

Taking advantage of what SASS provides instead of relying on the asset pipeline.

June 2013
#ruby #tdd

Part three in developing a simple Ruby gem using TDD and Minitest.

June 2013
#vim #workflow

How I use Vim, what plugins I use, and a bit of config here and there.

April 2013
#ember #javascript

How to wrap a jQuery plugin in Ember using Ember's view lifecycle events.

November 2012
#backbone #javascript

A quick overview of Backbone in covering the basics in CoffeeScript to help you get started.

October 2012

Percent syntax is a powerful tool that often gets overlooked. Here's a quick cheatsheet and why it's useful.